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Tenant rep brokers help cut to the chase


Time is money and these days it is critical. Count on the professional tenant reps at LCRG to help you cut through the BS and get down to the brass tacks of office leasing fast. Things are happening fast in this booming market and you need the latest intel to make a good decision and we are here to do that for you. What are the real incentives being offered office tenants today in the DFW commercial real estate market? Do you know? […]

Triple Net (NNN) Office Leases More Common in 2016


In days of old commercial office tenants were used to full service leases that included all operating costs in a base year format. About 2008 the DFW office market saw more and more office leases going to plus electric (+ E) so that the landlord could more quickly recoup rising electric costs on a real time basis. In 2014 we have seen many office leases going to triple net (NNN) for the same reason. NNN leases take the burden of cost savings off […]

The Keys to Effective Commercial Lease Negotiations!

Leasing commercial space involves more than just typical real estate negotiations. For a successful agreement on the right building, a business can try to handle commercial lease negotiations by themselves; however, greater success is more likely to be achieved by using brokers who specialize in commercial real estate as representatives. Leasing business property is a very involved process that requires knowing the steps it takes to obtain a lease that works in the […]

Do Not Attempt Commercial Lease Negotiations Alone!

Negotiating to purchase any kind of real estate requires a good knowledge of the business and good bargaining skills. This is especially true when dealing with commercial real estate, where the sales and leasing process is much different than most other transactions. Commercial lease negotiations can get very creative depending on the property involved and the owner’s desire to lease with certain business clients. Moving forward with any kind of commercial lease means knowing what to expect and how to best negotiate.

The Lease

A lease […]