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6 Important Key Aspects of Tenant Representation To Know!

In the hunt for great commercial property to lease, smart tenants partner with skilled tenant representatives who can help them achieve their leasing goals. Yet beyond helping businesses find suitable properties, a tenant representation company also serves its clients in other critical ways.

Consider these 6 important key aspects of tenant [...]

Why Does Your Company Need A Tenant-Only Advisor?

Tenant reps in Dallas Texas


When companies need commercial space to lease, there are many different realtor representatives to select from. Among those options, the best choice will always be working with experienced tenant representatives who provide tenant-only services.

You may not think there is much difference between working with tenant reps [...]

Tenant Reps – Negotiating Tenant Costs!

Tenant Representatives in Dallas Texas

Much of the negotiation that happens in commercial real estate revolves around money. When tenant representatives negotiate on behalf of the tenant, some of the important bargaining relates not only to how much rent a tenant will ultimately pay, but certain other costs incurred along the way. Tenants must [...]

A Closer Look Of The Role Of A Tenant Rep!

Tenant Representation in Dallas Texas

Most companies understand that commercial leases are different than any other type of real estate and requires the assistance of experienced brokers. Still, some may not fully understand that tenant representation is essential to help them get the best leasing deal possible. Without the experience of a reputable [...]

How Companies Save Money With Tenant Representation!

Leasing commercial office space is one of the most significant costs of doing business that most companies. So it only makes sense that companies should search for leasing options that provide the most of what they need for the least monetary output. Finding that can be quite a challenge since commercial real estate is a very competitive market; however, companies that work with