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6 Important Key Aspects of Tenant Representation To Know!

In the hunt for great commercial property to lease, smart tenants partner with skilled tenant representatives who can help them achieve their leasing goals. Yet beyond helping businesses find suitable properties, a tenant representation company also serves its clients in other critical ways.

Consider these 6 important key aspects of tenant [...]

How Does Landlord Recapture Relate To My Office Lease?

When signing an office lease with a landlord, it is essential that you and your office lease company carefully negotiate a commercial lease recapture clause. Landlord recapture is a critical, yet often overlooked detail that could result in a landlord legally terminating a lease under certain instances, leaving you as [...]

Do You Need Office Space? Don’t Miss These Flexible Options!

office space in dallas texas


If your company needs office space now but isn't ready for a long-term office lease, are there any options? Actually, there are. Local office space services find that there are quite a few flexible rental options available if you know where to look.

Whatever the reason, whether you are a newer [...]

Shared Building Amenities – Is Your Office Space Growing?

office space in dallas texas


When searching for a building to lease for your company, one important detail to consider is space, both usable and rentable. Office space in multi-tenant buildings includes both types of space, each of which can be used by your company in different ways.

Depending on how each of these areas is [...]

Commercial Tenant Due Diligence When Considering Relocation!

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When a tenant relocates to new commercial real estate property, it is their responsibility to perform due diligence prior to signing the lease agreement. Because this process can be time-consuming and requires a thorough inspection by someone who knows business properties, due diligence should be performed with the help [...]

Why Does Your Company Need A Tenant-Only Advisor?

Tenant reps in Dallas Texas


When companies need commercial space to lease, there are many different realtor representatives to select from. Among those options, the best choice will always be working with experienced tenant representatives who provide tenant-only services.

You may not think there is much difference between working with tenant reps [...]

Entering Into A Commercial Lease? Here’s A Checklist To Help!

commercial lease in dallas texas

When entering into a commercial lease, negotiations between a tenant and landlord can become complicated. As a business owner, you want the maximum number of services and accommodations for the lowest and most favorable rent and leasing terms. Of course, the landlord will be looking terms that favor the [...]

Got A Commercial Lease? Better Be Ready For FASB!

Tenant Reps in Dallas Texas

Whether your company leases business equipment or you work with tenant representatives to lease commercial space, the new Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) standard is going to affect your business. This standard goes into effect in December 2019 for public companies and December 2020 for private ones and will affect [...]

Commercial Tenants – Why Landlords May Nix Open Office Plans!

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Open office layouts of commercial office space have become very popular in recent years as some companies find many advantages to this type of setup. Almost any floor plan can be remodeled into an open one; however, it is important if you are a business interested in [...]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – What Are Their Duties?

Commercial real estate in Dallas Texas


One of the most important assets that a company looking to buy or lease commercial real estate can access are commercial real estate brokers. Commercial brokers are vital in helping clients find the best commercial property and close a successful deal. Considering the many duties they perform, if you [...]