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Pros and Cons Of A Commercial Sublease!

Commercial Lease in Dallas Texas

Subleasing is when a company signs a commercial lease for office space that is already leased to another company. Commercial office sublease are common when tenants have more space than they need, but do not want to permanently downsize or give up this space. Although a sublease that is [...]

How Will Millennials Influence My Office Lease Choices?

Commercial Lease in Dallas Texas

Millennials currently make up over half of today’s workforce. With so many employable people in this age group, businesses like yours need to consider this when making commercial lease decisions. As any commercial lease company can tell you, millennials work and live differently than other generation.

To attract [...]

Important Office Lease Tips For Every Small to Medium Business!

Commercial Lease in Dallas Texas

When seeking a commercial lease for your small to medium-sized business, there are a lot of things you need to know. Your commercial office lease will be one of the main business expenses, so any mistakes could be devastating.

Both small and medium-sized companies can benefit by working [...]

Commercial Lease Security Deposit – How To Keep It Low!

Commercial Lease in Dallas Texas

In today's world, a large security deposit is a normal part of every commercial lease as landlords protect their interests. While the reason for this deposit is understandable, a company’s desire to reduce such cost at the start of a new lease that is inherent with other expenses [...]

Don’t Overlook These Dates In Commercial Lease Negotiations!

Commercial Lease in Dallas Texas

Negotiating a commercial lease includes meeting many important deadlines. Yet of all the dates involved in the leasing process, a commercial lease negotiations company knows that some are more important than others, and missing them can leave tenants without important and beneficial options and concessions. To avoid losing out [...]