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Triple Net (NNN) Office Leases More Common in 2016


In days of old commercial office tenants were used to full service leases that included all operating costs in a base year format. About 2008 the DFW office market saw more and more office leases going to plus electric (+ E) so that the landlord could more quickly recoup rising electric costs on a real time basis. In 2014 we have seen many office leases going to triple net (NNN) for the same reason. NNN leases take the burden of cost savings off […]

Commercial Leasing – What Is The Rent to Revenue Ratio?


Renting commercial real estate can be a complicated endeavor for a company trying to find the right space at the right price, with all the necessary lease inclusions. The question is: what exactly is the right price for a particular property? While commercial real estate brokers work [...]