Dallas Office Leasing and Covid-19

So what is there to say about Dallas office leasing during the covid-19 catastrophe? A lot.

Limits always impact business and we went from wide open full throttle to the new clamped down economy. Information is power and this time is no exception. In fact, our knowledge is so powerful we are one of the most sought after tenant reps for office space and warehouse space in Dallas. Our track record of success for our office and warehouse lease clients goes back to 1982. That said, what about the good info on the virus stats? So many news outlets are editing and spinning the facts that it is hard to know the REAL truth. Our research experts tell us that what matter most are the number of cases and deaths for comparison. This is exactly what we have done for our state, Texas, during the entire outbreak situation. We have found this tool to be most helpful. You can see results of the data for each state and for all of America. Having access to this data stop the spin cold.

Keep a weather eye toward the counts on the Covid Tracking site to see for yourself, in real time, what is going on and make your own decisions. We will update this as news develops. When you are ready LCRG will be here, as always, live and in person, to help you with your Dallas office or warehouse lease.

God Bless the USA!