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Tenant rep brokers help cut to the chase


Time is money and these days it is critical. Count on the professional tenant reps at LCRG to help you cut through the BS and get down to the brass tacks of office leasing fast. Things are happening fast in this booming market and you need the latest intel to make a good decision and we are here to do that for you. What are the real incentives being offered office tenants today in the DFW commercial real estate market? Do you know? […]

Tenant Representation – How and Why It Began!

Today’s commercial real estate leasing market is very competitive – with some owners struggling to find tenants, while other tenants struggle to find suitable office space. Commercial property leasing is very different than residential; terms tend to be complex and negotiations tricky. There are brokers who specialize in commercial leasing who must be creative when handling these types of deals. They are experienced in tenant representation and can help a business successfully lease the space they […]