Why Relocating Companies Need Tenant Representatives!

Moving a company from one leased building to another is an event that can present many challenges. From finding the right building to negotiating and signing a new lease, owners or managers in charge of real estate transactions have their hands full. Because so much is involved in finding available spaces and negotiating good leasing terms, many companies are now opting to use tenant representatives to facilitate relocation. These realty specialists work for tenants, helping them find the best possible location and arrangements while alleviating most of the footwork. This makes relocation much less chaotic and time-consuming.

What Do Tenant Representatives Do?

With an extensive knowledge of the various concerns a company may face when looking for a new location, the service provided by a skilled tenant representative can be invaluable. A good understanding of commercial real estate requirements along with access to the best local listings provides an advantage to a relocating business of doing such work themselves. Experienced tenant representative who understand client needs can find suitable locations and help them with the process of inspecting, negotiating, and occupying a new location. Hiring a professional for this monumental task is the best choice for a company so that there will be no surprises after a lease is signed.

What Are The Advantages?

Following are some of the important advantages of working with tenant representatives:

  • Analysis of Requirements – Defining requirements when relocating to a new building is critical and not always easy. Tenant representatives do much more than just calculate square-footage; they look at amenities, employee comfort, parking, lighting, utility costs and inclusions, physical expansion room, and countless other details. They know what detailed information is necessary to help find the best location.

  • Time Saving – Company employees won’t need to search listings, research ordinances, requirements, and neighborhood/business statistics, etc., with tenant representatives. Once possible relocation spaces have been found, all a client needs to do is visit them the space and proceed from there.

  • Market ExperienceTenant representatives are educated in commercial real estate trends, rates, and laws. They are aware of the ups and downs of the local rental market, understand negotiating with commercial building owners, and have ways of bringing owners to their clients rather than the other way around. This means that landlords will be competing to ‘win’ a tenant, which can greatly benefit a client.

  • Handles The Leasing Process – With a residential property, a realtor is there to interpret and negotiate contracts and settle disputes for clients. Commercial leasing is a very different arena that requires the help of someone who knows the real estate process as well as business implications. These professionals protect a company’s best interests when interpreting and negotiating contracts. Commercial contract negotiation is different as well, and much can be lost if a tenant is not aware of common negotiating practices and dispute resolution.

Companies who use the services of reputable tenant representatives will have a more positive and cost-effective relocation experience by having an actual relocation manager. Moving a business may be stressful; however, reducing such stress is possible with the right help. Assigning the important job of finding the perfect location, leveraging strong negotiation tactics, and creating a smooth transaction to a commercial tenant representative will greatly reduced downtime and interruptions in the daily operation of a company!

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