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Tenant Representatives Protect Commercial Tenants!

In the world of real estate, commercial sales and leasing is so much more different than residential and other types of sales. It is a true ‘business’ transaction and companies looking for office space must protect themselves from the possibility of unfair negotiations. Hiring tenant representatives is a great way for a commercial client to have brokers that work for them – not the seller. With extensive knowledge of commercial real estate, a

Why Relocating Companies Need Tenant Representatives!

Moving a company from one leased building to another is an event that can present many challenges. From finding the right building to negotiating and signing a new lease, owners or managers in charge of real estate transactions have their hands full. Because so much is involved in finding available spaces and negotiating good leasing terms, many companies are now opting to use tenant representatives to facilitate relocation. These realty specialists work for tenants, helping them find the best possible location and arrangements while alleviating most of […]