Important Information About Current Office Space Trends!

Change, whether in reaction to economic conditions, social concerns, new technology or other reasons, has an eventual trickle-down effect in society. Little by little, change is embraced by more and more people and new trends are born. With the growing need to cut costs and preserve the planet, new trends are being seen in these areas. Even in a Dallas commercial office space, new trends in conservation are appearing.


Since the economy and our sustainability have become such concerns in the world today, even office buildings are doing their part to adapt to the “reduce, reuse and recycle” mentality in many different ways. One of the biggest movements seen in this respect is the renovation and revitalization of old urban neighborhoods.

As this revitalization effort has progressed, not only has it provided additional living spaces without the cost of new construction, businesses have also started to move into these areas. This trend is not only great for the local economy but has also done much to upgrade neighborhood environments. Businesses taking advantage of lower lease rates in these areas provide the added benefit of helping increase the residential population, eventually turning these areas into booming little neighborhoods once again.

Cutting Costs

Along with revitalization trends, Dallas commercial office space occupants are beginning to think more about cutting costs in other creative ways, looking for new methods to provide a better work environment. This will not only increase employee productivity but also decrease absenteeism. Fortunately, there are new trends that can do both – cut costs and improve the work area.

Open Space

Open office layouts, rather than traditional high-walled cubicles, are becoming much more popular. This type of floor plan not only allows for better employee interaction and communication; it creates a more relaxed environment in an open, cafe-style atmosphere. This has also allowed businesses to occupy smaller work spaces and other areas normally unused. Warehouses and older buildings with large, open floor areas that would have been deemed unsuitable before are now perfect for such open offices.


Another growing trend is increasing sustainability through the consideration of architecture and how it can best be used to both cut utility costs and increase employee satisfaction. Building owners are beginning to adjust properties in order to cut utility costs, advising that correct usage spawns great efficiency.

Allowing natural light and fresh air into an area are perfect examples of providing warmth or cooling as necessary as well as free lighting. Natural light can change the atmosphere of an entire room. It can also reduce employee stress levels and increase job satisfaction, all of which adds up to greater productivity.

With these trends and others, a Dallas commercial office space can become much more cost-effective for everyone and more pleasant for employees. Some companies are even giving workers incentives to frequent local businesses, allowing for quick errands in the name of a happier staff that works harder. As the ideas continue to bloom, it is good to see commerce doing its part by picking up these current office trends!

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