Why Offices Require Spring Cleaning!

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It is that time of year when cold weather clothing gets put away and warm weather clothes come out. Windows get opened, cleaning supplies come out and spring cleaning begins. A common seasonal task in households everywhere, spring cleaning is also beneficial for businesses and offices too. Thinking beyond the actual cleaning part of this task, for those companies working out of a Dallas office space, it can be considered more along the lines of spring organizing.


Start by asking employees to organize their desks to reduce the commonly-found disarray. Make a game of the project and call it “Office Cleaning Day.” Provide lunch and make it a party-type atmosphere, with casual dress and everyone’s involvement including management. When personal areas are completed, ask everyone to help with the rest of the workplace to get a Dallas office space fully functioning again.

Storage Clutter

Over time, even the most organized offices will have clutter and be fighting for more space even if only overstuffed file drawers and nowhere to put another filing cabinet. Paper tends to be the biggest factor in office disorder, so the goal should be to make more space and less clutter.

While everything inside files was put there for a reason whether for legal or other purposes, there comes a time when excess must be thinned out. Determine what must stay and what can go, keeping in mind that most businesses are required to hold onto financial documents, receipts and other similar items for a certain amount of time and then can be eliminated. Even medical offices can toss out records for patients who have not been back after a certain amount of years. Be sure to use a shredder for disposition to protect any privacy concerns.

In cases where records absolutely must be kept, organize the records into storage boxes and then put them in a secure location.

Repair and Replace

After reducing any paper confusion, repair or replace file hangers and folders that have seen better days, ensure of correct labeling, relevancy and move on. Do the same type of cleaning wherever there are records, supplies, and anything else that takes up room.


Computers are another area to consider for spring cleaning, although it will be a more sensitive area. For whomever is in charge of this sensitive task, it is still a good idea to clean off hard drives, ensure that all computers have properly running anti-virus software as well as any other programs pertinent to the jobs being performed. Back-up records to storage drives or cloud storage to free up space, memory and processor power.

There are many maintenance items other than the ones referenced above that could be tackled with good organizational and spring cleaning efforts in any Dallas office space besides the ones referenced above. Even a good cleaning of food and lounge areas and plucking dead leaves off the plants will create a better work environment that can reduce stress; make things easily locatable; and keep equipment in good running order. Less effort to accomplish work and a calmer environment can increase productivity for everyone. As for the office itself, surely a good vacuuming and dusting cannot hurt either!

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