Don’t Let Your Business Move Without A Tenant Rep!

Relocating a business is a major undertaking that can take quite some time to complete. Any company looking for a new building to lease or buy has their work cut out for them. Tenant reps are realty professionals who can be hired by a business to handle searching and screening and take care of many other details involved in commercial real estate transactions. For the easiest, most hassle-free move, businesses should consider the value of working with an experienced commercial property tenant representative!

What Are Tenant Representatives?

In commercial real estate, agents are generally called brokers. Brokerages deal with the buying, selling, and leasing property to a variety of clients. Within a brokerage, some of the agents are actually tenant reps. These special commercial property experts work on behalf of clients looking for a property. They protect the interests of their clients and help them make the best leasing or purchase agreement possible.

These representatives of commercial tenants have information about which properties are available and current lease rates. They are educated in commercial real estate procedure and law; they know how to negotiate on behalf of the tenants. This requires a significant understanding of the commercial real estate world.

Who Needs Tenant Reps?

Any business that leases commercial space and is approaching lease renewal or seeking a new space to lease needs the expertise of tenant reps. Companies wanting to relocate due to changing needs can decrease the cost of moving with good negotiation on their behalf. When relocation is definitely the plan, the entire process can be simplified by putting it in the hands of these trusted professionals.

Moving a business involves a long, exhausting list of events – including finding the right property, negotiating, handling legal issues, financing, and many other areas. Tenant reps take care of this, allowing business owners to run their businesses while the rest of the process is handled for them by these professionals.

What Do Tenant Representatives Do?

Tenant reps do quite a bit for clients. From the beginning of the process to the end, these experts take care of all the details, helping companies make effective decisions about business needs, budget, and everything else involved in getting a contract signed and moving. Following are some of the many tasks they perform:

  • Assess Needs – Analyze a company’s space, need. and budget; discuss creative financing ideas to get business clients the most for their money.

  • Search – Look for and screen properties, showing clients only the most suitable ones.

  • Negotiate – Bargain with landlords about lease rates and requirements, improvements, legal issues, special needs or requests, contractual obligations, etc.

  • Handle Improvements – Help arrange and complete improvements.

  • Make Moving Arrangements – Help clients make arrangements for relocation into their new building.

  • Contract Finalization – Guide clients through the financing, negotiation, and the contract signing process.

  • Representation – Represent their client’s interests regarding any conflicts along the way.

With so many details, tenant representatives assume a large share of the burden of finding and leasing commercial property. While any business can do this on their own, it is inefficient and leaves a company without the important commercial realty and legal expertise that is gained with good tenant reps.

For the easiest, most cost-effective lease renewal or business move, commercial real estate professionals highly recommend the use of local tenant reps. Hiring one of these experts may be the best executive decision made by a company in its effort to grow and achieve success!

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