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Don’t Let Your Business Move Without A Tenant Rep!

Relocating a business is a major undertaking that can take quite some time to complete. Any company looking for a new building to lease or buy has their work cut out for them. Tenant reps are realty professionals who can be hired by a business to handle searching and screening and take care of many other details involved in commercial real estate transactions. For the easiest, most hassle-free move, businesses should consider the value of working with an experienced

On The Upswing – Corporate America is Going Urban!

Real estate trends come and go, greatly dictated by the economy and market reaction. Traditionally, corporate office space was usually found in big cities. With the rise and fall of the economy, many companies have decided to go suburban – choosing the lower costs associated with properties outside of major business hubs. Tenant reps from commercial brokerage firms report that this trend is reversing and corporate America is once again setting its sights on the hustle, bustle, and lower cost that big cities offer.

Corporate Real Estate Trends

The Unique Office Space Needs of a Consultant!

When you think of consultants, you usually think of people who are experts in their fields and prepared to offer advice to those needing help in a certain area. It is important to consultants to give potential clients an impressive first impression that will add to the experience consultants have in a particular area. A suitable office space is essential for a consulting business; finding that right space is best left to experienced Dallas TX tenant reps. Their priority is to find the best location for clients […]