Consider Locating Your Office Lease by an Airport!

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If consideration is being given to locating a business for a Dallas office lease near an airportDallas_Office_Lease, advantages and disadvantages should be weighed before making such a decision. Some companies prefer such a location because of better productivity and travel ease. On the other hand, there are reasons such as traffic congestion, remoteness from other key areas, and noise that are common drawbacks to prevent a business from relocating near an airport. Following is some information to read before making any decision about such a move.


Being close to a major airport will always offers certain business advantages:

  • Productivity – For businesses with employees who travel by air a lot, having an office located close to an airport offers great convenience. More time can be spent on tasks at the workplace and spend less time commuting to and from the airport. Depending on the volume of workers who travel frequently continuous coming and going from one point to another can consume a lot of otherwise productive time.
  • Commuting – Having an office near runways will save commuting expenses, depending upon the number of employees who travel. Besides the money savings, personnel will also avoid traffic congestion and other commuting annoyances along the way.


If the advantages seem to be greater than any foreseeable drawbacks when deciding on the location of a Dallas office lease space, then the company should be sure to make some provisions to deal with the drawbacks along the way.

  • Traffic – Traffic jams frequently occur near airports and usually become a problem when commuting to other key places in the city. It is important to check for the location of major roadways in order to be able to travel within the city with less stress.
  • Noise – The sound of aircraft taking off and landing at an airport cannot be completely ignored. It is important to verify whether or not a building is soundproof so the outside airplane noise is lowered if not eliminated. If the building is not soundproofed, there are ways to lessen being disturbed by such noise. Leasing an area on lower level floors of a building can help with airport noise as higher floors receive more outside noise than lower ones.
  • Other Key Areas – Some airports are actually located in more remote areas further away from many key business areas. Although located on or near major roads, it may be a greater distance from other important business areas which could increase travel time. Be sure to coordinate visits to these other places in the city to save on travel cost.

Remember, when looking at an airport location for a Dallas office lease, it is important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and of such a location so that it will not have a great affect on a company’s day-to-day operations!

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