Build Your Brand in Your Office Space!

Dallas_Commercial_Office_SpaceDesigning an office area based on a company’s product will surely have an impact on marketing strategy and ultimate profitability. Every time a customer comes to visit the Dallas commercial office space, the interior design should convey a marketing message and company’s products to clients and employees as well.

Marketing Methods

A unique office space will attract more people to the business and maybe even transform visitors into valuable customers. Remember that a building is not just intended for work; it is also meant to sell the product or services being offered to the public. Therefore, for marketing purposes be sure to match the product being sold with the design of the space.

  • Core Values – Determine specific business core values. Make a list of what motivates the company as a whole, what employees are committed to doing, and what things a client can rely upon from the business. These values should be incorporated into an area’s design so that it can be communicated to employees and clients alike, providing a clearer sense of why the company exists.
  • Color Choice – Color is a strong element to convey the company’s purpose to clients or customers. For instance, green conveys abundance, freshness, growth and nature; orange, red or yellow indicates a sense of high energy; purple communicates a theme of ambition, power, luxury and goals; and blue speaks of loyalty, trust and stability.
  • Symbolical Items – Based on the core values to be portrayed and the color choice, items to be purchased should incorporate ideas to catch the attention of clients. For example, a glass chess set can be placed in one of the corners in a waiting area to project strategy; a water feature could assert abundance and wisdom.

Concept Applications

Coming up with ideas for a workplace design depends a great deal upon the services or products a company delivers to its clients or customers. Following are some examples of general concepts that can be applied to any Dallas commercial office space.

  • Designers – For interior designers, architects or advertising agencies whose business is to project certain images, arranging some of their work or design layouts in an interesting way is a good idea.
  • Attorneys – When the office space occupants are attorneys or other related professionals, it is important to remember that clients are “buying” their expertise; therefore, any degrees, awards, articles, books and other credentials could be displayed to convey that message to clients. Such items should be arranged in a way to make it look like part of the decor rather than props.
  • Manufacturers – In a manufacturing setting, a workplace should be clean, well-maintained and organized; it does not have to be showy. A lobby can be used to educate customers about the products manufactured by the business. Brochures can be displayed on coffee or end tables and pictures of the products can be hung on the walls.

Other Design Elements

Generally, the interior of a workplace can be arranged in a way to increase the energy of the area. For employees with their own offices, desks should be set up to face the doors to convey a position of command. Computer cords should be hidden to eliminate clutter. Tabletop fountains, aquariums or other types of ornamentation can be added to the room along with photos of family members or other items to help inspire anyone working in the space.

Remember, selling products or services begins with how the working area is designed and provides a first impression to potential clients or existing customers. Because of that important first and continuing impression, it is essential to incorporate the above ideas into a Dallas commercial office space to make it more friendly and energetic as well as allowing it to speak loudly about a company’s products and services!

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