Dallas Commercial Office Space – What Do You Need?

Dallas_Commercial_Office_SpaceChoosing a Dallas commercial office space that is ideal for a particular type of business can be quite daunting, especially when the location being considered only has a limited number of commercial spaces for lease. Before a prospective office space can be leased, it must first meet some important criteria to see that it will work to the advantage of the leasing business. Following are some of the most important criteria to seek in an office space:

  • Convenience – One of the basic requirements of an office space that would apply to any type of business is convenience. The location of a Dallas commercial office space should be easily accessible for targeted clients as well as employees of the business. For a new business, it helps the marketing effort for that company to select a location consisting of offices for similar types of business. As much as possible, the location should provide public transportation to attract clients who do not use private transportation.
  • Affordability – The lease rate, or the property value when purchased, is also a huge determining factor in choosing a Dallas commercial office space. The value of an office space is usually determined by the amount of useable space measured in square feet. The value per square foot is determined by the property owner. To get the best value, it is important to seek help from a professional commercial realtor. Such a realtor can assist in finding office space that is within the tenant or the buyer’s price range and also assist during negotiations.
  • Facility Requirements – The facility requirements for each type of business vary. Some businesses need high voltage to run a myriad of office equipment; other businesses might require specialized cable connections for unique equipment; or a company may require extra space to use for meeting purposes. When choosing a Dallas commercial office space, always consider the unique requirements for that particular type of business.
  • Prestige –An office location must also take into consideration the type of image that location will project for the business since the overall presentation of the property will also have an effect on the business. When choosing a location, look for commercial property that has been well-maintained, both inside and out, so that the same positive image will be reflected on the business.
  • Safety – One of the most important requirements of a Dallas commercial office space that should not be overlooked is safety. When choosing a business location, it is imperative to choose an area that is safe for both clients and employees. Inquire with local police stations about the crime rates of the location being considered. More importantly, safety should begin within the confines of the commercial property itself. Before signing a lease contract, make sure that the property is equipped with protective devices to safeguard the assets of the business. Ensure that the building has passed safety inspections and is well-equipped with protection from theft such as CCTV cameras and a sufficient number of security personnel.

When choosing a Dallas commercial office space, make sure that it meets all the basic requirements listed above. It would also be helpful to have the assistance of a professional commercial realtor throughout the entire process of leasing or buying a commercial office space, especially in large metropolitan areas such as Dallas. A well-experienced realtor can determine what a business owner needs and steer them in the right direction, providing helpful recommendations throughout the crucial selection process!