Dallas Office Lease – Make Your Office Eco-Friendly!

For any company that is in the process of acquiring a new Dallas oDallas_Office_Leaseffice lease, it may it may be a good time to consider offering an eco-friendly atmosphere to both clients and employees. Go green and make this new office an ideal environmentally-friendly location!

There are many valid reasons for making this ‘green’ decision. Following are some of the considerations of such an action.

Offers Healthy and Fashionable Environment

A ‘green’ office will help to make the entire office a more healthy and productive workplace. It can be accomplished quite easily by purchasing furniture that is made from recycled materials that have lower harmful emissions. It can also be achieved by purchasing equipment and materials that are friendly to the environment.

Planning for this new Dallas office lease area to have a ‘green’ environment is something that is becoming more fashionable for businesses. There are many furniture items and other office equipment items that have become very popular on the market as being friendly to the environment. Though many of these articles cost more, the fact that companies are becoming environmentally conscious and interested in preserving our atmosphere for the future can often outweigh the involved costs.

Employees Encouraged to Make ‘Green’ Choices

Business owners or managers can encourage employees to make eco-friendly choices when planning for their new Dallas office lease. Employees can offer many ways and ideas for ‘go-green’ campaigns. Following are several things that can be considered:

  • Decrease Dependence on Paper – Take advantage of digital advancements and lower the consumption of bleached tree pulp or paper. Save paper copies for important documents and files. The more files that are stored online, the more it will decrease paper consumption. By storing information on the computer, fewer paper files will need to be stored in cabinets. By organizing these files online, it will only take a few key strokes to find these important documents and retrieve them from the computer. Before printing any paper copies, have more than one person review them on the monitor to avoid have to reprint due to obvious errors.
  • Optimize Energy Settings on Electronic Equipment – Foreseeing that the majority of the employees at the new Dallas office lease space use electronic equipment, the company can plan ahead to optimize settings for energy savings on computers, printers and other electronic devices. Computers have a power management program that can be set to an energy-saving mode. Before employees leave for the day, their workstation computers should be shut down. Other equipment should be shut off and unplugged from the power source.
  • Use Recycled Paper – A good practice is to use recycled paper with a high post-consumer percentage with minimal chlorine bleaching. Paper processing and recycling consumes a lot of chemicals, water and energy. Therefore, use all paper wisely. Use both sides of the paper when printing and if possible, buy and use printers with a duplex printing option.
  • Use Glass Dividers – Another material that can be used in the new Dallas office lease working area is glass for dividers and cubicles. Glass is a unique ‘green’ material that allows natural light in and therefore decreases energy consumption. Besides being recyclable, glass can be used in ways to create an elegant look for the office.

Having an office space designed as eco-friendly not only demonstrates to customers that the company cares about the environment; it also tells them the business is taking an active part in saving the world’s resources for future generations. This could be a great sale inventive to bring more business to the company. So, prepare for that new Dallas office lease by going eco-friendly – now!