Dallas Commercial Office Space – Surviving the Economy!

Dallas_Commercial_Office_SpaceThere are many questions to be answered for any business that is considering investing in Dallas commercial office space, such as what effect does the current economic situation have on such an investment; and is the current price of this office space priced too high to consider such a purchase? Many companies may face having to consider other options to acquire some commercial office space. Learn the facts and the good news for any business – Dallas commercial office space is not suffering in this economy!

Current Dallas Commercial Office Space Market News

Considered as one of the largest cities in the United States, the heart of Dallas alone is populated by 1.2 million people and is made up of a variety of different industries such as computer technology, banking, telecommunications, transportation, etc. With so many business opportunities, the competition for this office space is increasing. Because of demand exceeding supply for commercial office space, the price for this space does appear to be high.

Business Survival in Dallas/ Forth Worth

Business survival in Dallas does not have to involve oil and gas. Consider this fact – Dallas/Fort Worth is considered one of the highest technological regions and houses the “Silicon Prairie.” There are many other industries such as: information technology; bio-technology; insurance; real estate; manufacturing; warehousing; transportation; and logistics. These combine to make this area a great location for new businesses, customers and partners.

Current Status of the Dallas Commercial Real Estate

There have been some reports that Dallas had experienced a great economic downturn and was struggling with its real estate market. The truth is that the Dallas real estate market closed in 2010 as one of the strongest markets in the country. Dallas is ranked as the 11th most active investment real estate market. Leasing activity in Dallas is very strong because of combined high deals and tenant confidence.

Choosing the Best Dallas Commercial Office Space

It is undoubtedly true that finding the best commercial office space in Dallas is a difficult task. The ability to find such good office space in an area with low vacancy rates and a strong economy will drive the rental rates higher. An office space with great amenities and other options are going to require the payment of a higher leasing rate. There is, however, good news in this picture. There is good warehouse space available with very reasonable rental rates. Whatever is needed, there does exist a wide range of price options to fit most budgets.

Other Investment Options

If investing in real estate such as Dallas commercial office space appears to be too high of a risk or capital is not readily available for this type of investment, a “Real Estate Investment Trust” (REIT) could be the right option to pursue.

An REIT is a type of company where the majority of its assets and income are tied to real estate investments and ninety percent of its taxable income is distributed to the shareholders. An REIT company can buy and build commercial office space and allow the investors to buy this space through their company. The purchasing company does not have to worry about: managing the property; maintenance; finding other tenants to share this space; and advertising vacancies for this commercial office space. The purchasing company does receive dividends from the leasing of this space.

Research is the key to investing in Dallas commercial office space and there is great potential in this type of real estate investment. Before making a choice, complete all necessary research to be sure this is a wise choice under current economic conditions.