Why Commercial Tenant Reps Are Just What You Need!

When leasing commercial office space, businesses should seriously consider hiring a tenant representative to help them. Tenant representatives provide an invaluable service for businesses, making the process of finding and occupying the right commercial space much less challenging. Working with the best tenant reps in the area may seem like just another added expense on the surface; however, in reality there is no extra expense as a leasing company. These professional brokers also help businesses save money in a multitude of ways.

Tenant Representation – Free to Tenant

Due to the way commercial properties are listed and realty agents are paid, retaining the use of commercial tenant reps is normally free to the tenant. Tenant reps are paid by receiving a portion of the fee earned by the listing broker, for their assistance in getting the listing broker’s property occupied. Because of this, many commercial real estate brokers working for the landlord or owner prefer to deal directly with tenants, without a tenant rep. Since this would leave potential tenants without an advocate, it is not recommended.

Tenant Representatives – Save Time and Money

Working with a tenant representative provides business clients with access to: local commercial listings; the expertise of knowing the best properties for specific needs or desires; and the current leasing trends for commercial properties. These brokers learn about a leasing company’s business needs and can save clients hours of searching and visiting of properties by directing them directly to suitable, available spaces. Tenant reps are invaluable in helping tenants determine how much and what type of space is needed, and how to convert the right available spaces into the perfect leasing situation. They can also assist tenants in re-configuring existing spaces when change is needed. These various services eliminate the need for companies to find and plan out commercial spaces, which translates into saved money in the long run.

Tenant Representation – Successful Negotiations

There are so many possible bargaining points when finding the best office lease. An in-depth understanding of commercial office space, local leasing trends, and area contractors is essential to have the best commercial office lease. Tenants who attempt to negotiate for themselves are at risk of missing out on many benefits simply by not having an understanding of how these negotiations work and how to get the most for their leasing dollar. The best tenant reps work for the leasing client and want to achieve for their clients the best commercial lease under the most favorable leasing conditions – which requires skilled, confident negotiating.

Commercial businesses today depend on having useful office and work spaces to satisfy their need to keep business operation and profitable. This is better achieved by hiring the best tenant reps to handle the entire process. Contact a local tenant reps firm to discuss leasing needs and find the help your company needs!

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