Why Commercial Real Estate Brokers Must Welcome New Technology!

Digital technology has gradually made its way into just about every industry that exists, providing easier and faster ways for a business to get paperwork and other important tasks done. As one of the few industries that has not kept up with business technology, commercial real estate is finally beginning to take note of such advancements and make use of them. To stay one step ahead of the competition, the best commercial real estate brokers should look into the latest and greatest ways business technology help them prosper.

IT Handling of Information

The job of commercial real estate brokers is to gather information about available buildings, tenants looking for buildings, and space for lease among other things. In the past, the way this information was gathered and maintained was slow and tedious, which does not mesh well with an industry that itself is fairly fast-paced.

Today there are many different programs, lists, subscription sites, and more that can provide experienced commercial real estate brokers with the information they need. It is done much more easily and quickly, completing eliminating the time wasted doing things by hand or on the phone. Using the internet and its many applications is faster and simpler, putting the necessary information in the user’s hand when they need it in order to help their clients more thoroughly and quickly.

Clients can also help themselves to a certain extent with property searches, so that part of the legwork is already done for the broker. Rather than viewing this as a threat to their jobs, commercial real estate brokers should focus on how more widely available information saves them time and money when prospective clients have already put in some of the research time.

Vendor and Contractor Management

The most effective and successful commercial brokers depend on a variety of contractors and vendors to help them close deals as easily as possible. Time frame, cost, and many other variables can affect which contractors are available for a job. An electronic tool to easily manage contacts means that a good commercial real estate broker is never without the right vendor for the work to be done.

Lease Transaction Management

From contracts and fees to leasing trends and more, having a way to get some insight on what has become the normal practice in local commercial leasing is essential for a commercial real estate broker. It is a way to get their clients the best deal possible. There are web-based and mobile commercial leasing apps, designed to assist commercial real estate brokers with negotiations based on local trends and to know what type of leasing rates are expected from both tenants and landlords. With such help, brokers can successfully close on more deals with fewer problems, which is exactly what IT is designed to handle.

With the progression of business applications, social media, mobile technology, and the myriad of ways people collect and share data, there is no reason for commercial real estate professionals to rely on outdated methods. Experienced real estate brokers who handle commercial properties will wonder how they ever functioned without these great new tools of their trade, guaranteed!

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