Where’s my security deposit?

As office and warehouse tenants move about the matter of the existing security deposit can be over looked. After a 5 year lease, or longer, it is easy to forget what you paid, when, etc. A good tenant rep adds this chore to their list to make sure their client, the tenant, gets their deposit back as soon as possible. In Texas you have to request your deposit back from your former landlord in writing. You also have to state in the request your new address. If you fail to do this the former landlord is not bound to promptly return your deposit unless stated otherwise in your office or warehouse lease. Calls do not count as written notice or demand. It is always a good idea to stipulate the deposit return parameters in your lease comments to help speed the process. Your tenant rep and commercial real estate attorney can make sure you are covered. When in doubt ask! At LCRG we take client service seriously and have solutions to your needs. Call LCRG today to help you with your office or warehouse lease space in Dallas!

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