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Nine Steps to A Successful Relocation

LCRG has continuously specialized in helping you locate, evaluate and negotiate the very best deal available in commercial property since 1982. The following is a brief outline of how our personalized service operates and how we represent you, and your company, in your lease or purchase transaction:

Interview you and your staff in order to determine exactly what type of space you need. Size, location, type, special requirements, etc.

Assist you in laying out the ideal configuration of your new space in the most efficient manner possible.

Conduct a detailed survey of all possible buildings that will meet your exact needs. Because we deal in commercial property every day we know which properties offer the very best price and which ones have the very best maintenance and management services.

Schedule, at the most convenient time for you, a tour of the buildings that best meet your exact requirements.

After you decide which building or buildings that you prefer we then begin negotiating with the owner, on your behalf, in order to achieve the very best rate and terms possible. We then deliver the facts to you in an easy to understand format that cuts through the confusing jargon to get you to the “bottom line” – fast!

During the construction or renovation phase of your lease we monitor the progress of the work in order to insure that your new lease space will be delivered on time as promised.

In order to assist you with the actual relocation we have a proven list of vendors that you may utilize. These vendors include: phone systems & installation, movers, printers and new & used office furniture dealers.

Should you need to expand or renew your lease or secure a larger owned facility we will be there to represent your best interests in securing the best terms. In addition, if necessary, we can also assist you in mediating any problems that may arise during your lease. LCRG is here to help you with all aspects of your lease or purchase.

The benefits of LCRG services cost you and your company nothing because the landlord or seller pays our commission – directly. You can rest assured that by working through us you will receive the very best lease rate or purchase price for the very best property to suit your individual requirement.

The experienced team at LCRG can help you find the perfect

Dallas office lease to fit the needs of your business.

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