Tenant Reps Look at Open Office Space – Is It Working?

Open offices are a recent trend in corporate office space, with many businesses wanting to embrace the benefits this type of environment offers over standard, individual offices or cubicles. Determining whether there are problems with this type of layout and how that can be alleviated may requires an outside opinion such as experienced tenant reps. Companies leasing commercial space stand to gain a great deal by maintaining a relationship with a tenant representative to help them make the best real estate decisions.

Is An Open Office Really Better?

Research finds there is both supportive and unfavorable evidence regarding the value of open space offices; the preference is very specific, depending on each individual company and its employees. Some find that natural lighting, open space, and collaborative capability in a spacious, comfortable area is conducive to greater productivity. Others find these environments distracting because of noise and interruptions. There is no single answer for any company; each must determine this individually – often with the help of tenant reps.

Open Office Design

A good tenant rep must learn each client, how they work and would use the occupied space as well as if improvements might be required before occupancy to improve comfort and productivity. It is necessary to understand new requirements that would need to be negotiated at the time of lease renewal.

Tenant reps will look at currently occupied space to determine if there are any problems affecting productivity that should be addressed in an open office environment, which is a very important consideration. An open office layout is usually chosen to help employees and productivity, not the opposite.

Correcting Open Office Problems

Commercial tenant representatives help companies determine how the current office layout is benefiting employees – and where it is failing. There is much to examine in an open office design to determine whether the design is working, especially after having invested in such a plan. If the floor plan is not working, it is essential to find a way to remedy the situation, while keeping losses in production and expenses to a minimum. This requires the trained eye and awareness of skilled tenant reps to make the most beneficial changes.

Noise, which is the main problem with office space space, and other layout problems can be corrected with a little creativity that leaves most of the space open. Many of the best solutions come from the skill and knowledge of tenant reps who want to keep their clients happy. Whether the answer is to divide the space into sections for discussions and phone calls, use white noise machines, or combine an open office concept with some enclosed spaces, the best solution can be found with the help of a knowledgeable and creative tenant representative.

Each company must decide if they want to work with tenant reps; those who do typically find themselves in a much better leasing situation. Whether looking for property to lease or attempting to iron out existing office space problems, experienced tenant representatives will ultimately find space most conducive to meet individual needs!

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