Co-working these days is full of uncertainty. Covid-19 virus fears have scuttled many big open landscape designs favored by the latest craze in executive suite / co-working space and Dallas office space for lease. Just a few short months ago more and more co-working spaces were being announced in the Dallas Office leasing market. Occupancy was high and it seemed it would carry on for some time to come. Design had shifted from the tried and true “private office” oriented spaces to ones with large open area hoteling and touch down type spaces. In the past, the private office approach has always been a success in the Dallas office space market. Virus fears have users shunning the new approach with wide open spaces in favor of the private office design long proven by successful operators. Nothing beats four solid walls for containment.

The Background

In the early days co-working space was simply know as executive suites. This morphed into the more trendy title of co-working, work-spaces, and the like. Executive suite operators, including the big pioneer, Premier Workspaces, had great success in the beginning with the private office concept and that great success proves true today given all the virus fears. It’s no wonder today that the workspace user prefers their own four walled domain versus a wide open landscape where disease can be easily transmitted. Many trendy, open concept, spaces will suffer due to the Covid-19 battle going on. Stats on the virus spread are no laughing matter. Dallas office space for lease include both direct lease space and executive suite / co-working type space.

The Future

As with the direct lease Dallas office space market, we see a trend back to more private office use and away from the densely packed open landscape design. More segregation of workers in a given space envelope mean fewer chances of disease spread. Space planners will see a greater demand for private office design in the Dallas office leasing market than those of the wide open plans of the past. As the year winds down we will all get a better read on where things are going. Many feel that there will be a recoil from the dense packed spaces to more private offices. It is likely that the worker / square foot ratio will decrease accordingly. Chances are good that while work from home may be a “thing”, total square footage demand for Dallas office space will remain the same or increase as part of the staff works from home while the rest will reside “in office” in private offices using more square footage / person.See for yourself and calculate your square footage needs with our handy Laughlin Commercial Realty Group space calculator.


Stay tuned for more good info from Laughlin Commercial Realty Group as we learn more about market demand once the Covid-19 hysteria has died down. Contact us today to get  started finding you the perfect space!