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Travel insurance

Interesting article about travel insurance for those intrepid globetrotters on adventure trips. You make all that money and decide to travel on the extreme scale so be prepared in case of emergency. Not much to do with CRE but interesting nonetheless.

Check out this article for more info.

Frisco, Texas office market on fire, prairie to concrete jungle, tenant reps dancing!

Amazing how much can change has occurred in the Frisco Plano North Dallas office leasing market in only 10 years. These changes really keep your favorite office tenant rep on his toes. Not too long ago there were fields and cows grazing in what is now Jerry’s World North. The new Omni Hotel is now topped out and about 50% complete. Who would have thought we’d see this in our time. From prairie to major force in the DFW office leasing market. Pioneers like Hall Office Park are being joined by many new developments, […]

Redesigning Office Space – Where Is It Heading?


As the cost of commercial real estate continues to rise, and small and medium-sized companies look for good lease options, the landscape of the corporate work environment is changing. Companies have progressively downsized to accommodate for higher leasing costs. Innovative ideas like the open office have come [...]

Office Space – Is Saving Money Worth Losing Privacy?


There is an important debate occurring in the commercial real estate world today - shrinking commercial office space for lease, as the price continues to rise. While this is going on, many employers are combating costs in ways that may not be beneficial to their bottom line, [...]

Commercial Office Space – Why Is There A Changing Viewpoint?


The economic recession of 2008 may be behind us now, but it has left lasting effects on the business sector of the country - including the commercial real estate market. Since then, there have been many new trends in office space design, as well as new views [...]

How Is The Dallas/Fort Worth Commercial Real Estate Market?


Commercial real estate is a highly competitive business depending on local markets. Today’s real estate market points to Dallas/Fort Worth as one of the most lucrative. The success of any commercial market depends on many factors. According to most analysts, Dallas/Fort Worth is the place to be [...]

What You Need to Know About Tenant Representatives

Tenant representatives are the most common professionals that we interact with almost everyday of our lives. Even though you may not know it, as long as you are a tenant in any property, then chances are high that you are under the supervision of a tenant representative. If you [...]

Dont Be Your Own Real Estate Expert

Shopping for commercial real estate can be an overwhelming process. It is not as easy as it looks, and it certainly isnt for the faint of heart. It is an investment that will either make you smile later on or be that one mistake you wish you had never [...]

Commercial Real Estate Has To Be Large For Manufacturing Purposes

Commercial real estate should be in a prime location. A number of people are definitely going to look at commercial real estate where a lot of different window shoppers can be found. Go here in order to find the best possible spot for a clothing store. You also want [...]

A Commercial Real Estate Lease Could Work Well For A Plumbing Company

  <b>Investment</b>    <p>A commercial real estate lease can help you with a great investment. You can certainly see someone signing a commercial real estate lease in order to launch a solar energy startup. The solar energy startup could certainly revive your community, What kind of unique technology [...]