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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – What Are Their Duties?

Commercial real estate in Dallas Texas


One of the most important assets that a company looking to buy or lease commercial real estate can access are commercial real estate brokers. Commercial brokers are vital in helping clients find the best commercial property and close a successful deal. Considering the many duties they perform, if you [...]

Commercial Real Estate – What Is Rentable vs. Useable Space?


The leasing of commercial office space can be a complicated process. In negotiating square footage and rental rates, one of the more challenging things that commercial real estate brokers work with - and that tenants must understand before their lease will make sense to them - is the [...]

Commercial Leasing – What Is The Rent to Revenue Ratio?


Renting commercial real estate can be a complicated endeavor for a company trying to find the right space at the right price, with all the necessary lease inclusions. The question is: what exactly is the right price for a particular property? While commercial real estate brokers work [...]

The Successful Strategy of a Commercial Real Estate Broker!

Dealing in commercial real estate requires much more specialized knowledge than any other type of real estate. So it is recommended that a business work with an experienced commercial real estate brokers company. To be successful, these knowledgeable brokers must know the local market quite well and have the right strategy to help clients achieve their goals – something only found with the most educated and experienced