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What Exactly Is A Captive Tenant?

Commercial leasing is a very competitive market for both the tenant and the landlord. There are only a certain number of available spaces and only so many tenants available to lease those spaces, all with the same goal of getting the most space for the least amount of money. Landlords can achieve this a concept known as “captive tenants,” who are tenants that need to renew at their current locate and often must accept less than what a new tenant might receive for the same property. To avoid this kind of situation, it […]

The Dedicated Work of Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Commercial real estate operates in a world apart from buying and selling residential properties. There is much more involved in commercial sector transactions, from property listing and showing to negotiating and drafting financial agreements. Most business property and land development are listed with commercial real estate brokers rather than agents because the focus of these two jobs is different. To get the benefit from a relationship with any commercial real estate expert, owners of companies need to understand how […]