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Entering Into A Commercial Lease? Here’s A Checklist To Help!

commercial lease in dallas texas

When entering into a commercial lease, negotiations between a tenant and landlord can become complicated. As a business owner, you want the maximum number of services and accommodations for the lowest and most favorable rent and leasing terms. Of course, the landlord will be looking terms that favor the [...]

Pros and Cons Of A Commercial Sublease!

Commercial Lease in Dallas Texas

Subleasing is when a company signs a commercial lease for office space that is already leased to another company. Commercial office sublease are common when tenants have more space than they need, but do not want to permanently downsize or give up this space. Although a sublease that is [...]

Important Office Lease Tips For Every Small to Medium Business!

Commercial Lease in Dallas Texas

When seeking a commercial lease for your small to medium-sized business, there are a lot of things you need to know. Your commercial office lease will be one of the main business expenses, so any mistakes could be devastating.

Both small and medium-sized companies can benefit by working [...]

Commercial Office Lease – What Is Assigning vs Subletting?


There may be times when a company ends up with more commercial office space than they need. Financially, this is non-productive, so a business might look for ways for that space to become income-producing once again. Subletting and assigning are different ways in which a company can [...]

What Do You Know About A Good Guy Guarantee?


The successful signing of a commercial lease is a moment to be celebrated, as it implies the landlord and tenant have managed to negotiate a deal that is favorable to both parties. As part of these commercial lease negotiations, a landlord may ask a tenant to sign [...]