Dallas Commercial Office Space Can Be a Great Choice!

Dallas_Commercial_Office_SpaceScouting for a prime location to start a business can be quite challenging. A site must be found that satisfies both company affordability and employee/client convenience; these are the two important criteria that many expert entrepreneurs use to find a business location. In most business centers, finding these two factors together can be quite difficult unless a Dallas commercial office space is considered.


There certainly are many potential advantages to locating in a Dallas commercial office space, some of which are listed below:

  • Low Cost – One of the biggest advantages of housing an office space in Dallas is the low lease cost. The cost of rent for a commercial office space is often one of the top expenses of a business and can create some financial risk. Due to recent economic problems, the cost of commercial space has decreased due to high commercial vacancy rates caused by numerous business closures. Now that the economy is starting to regain momentum, it can be a strategic move to take advantage of more affordable lease rates averaging $21 per square foot.
  • Decent Economy – While the economic downturn had global impact, some states were able to maintain a good economic condition; one of those places was Dallas. Although there were some businesses hurt by the recession, many remained firm, particularly the retail industry, high tech manufacturing and staffing services.
  • Outstanding Labor Force – Dallas is home to various colleges and universities, which means the city is churning out numerous young, well-educated individuals who want to find a place in the real world. Staffing a business with highly capable employees would be simple with the number of graduates right at the heart of the city.
  • Strategic Location – Dallas is a key location for many businesses including: banking, commerce, telecommunications; computer technology; energy; transportation and logistics; health care; and medical research. It can be easily accessed thanks to DFW International Airport and is a central hub for many interstate systems linking the north, south, east and west portions of the country. Of publicly-traded companies in the U.S., Dallas can boast of attracting one of the largest groups of corporate headquarters; according to Forbes magazine, it was also home to 17 billionaires in 2011.
  • Large Client Base – Dallas is the third largest city in Texas while its sister city, Fort Worth, is ranked as the fifth largest – and both continue to grow. Due to its large client base, the greater Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex has the most number of shopping centers per person compared to other U.S. cities.
  • Low Violence Rate – Since the year 2000, violence rates in Dallas have steadily declined. The current crime rate is at 12.06 per 1000 persons which is very low compared to other major cities such as Washington, D.C. which is at 14.48. The city is kept secure by the Dallas P.D. with 3,500 police officers.

These are just some of the reasons that make a Dallas commercial office space an ideal place to start a business. The large population, central location, numerous established businesses, and most particularly a low lease cost makes it a great choice for a business location.