Dallas Commercial Office Space is Ideal for Your Small Business!

Dallas_Commercial_Office_SpacePlanning to move from a current work space or home and into a new Dallas commercial office space may be the best step for a small business. Working at home may be appealing; however, there are many distractions in the household that are not business related. Moving to a new location can offer more control over cash distribution as well as the opportunity to present a more professional appearance to clients. This move also offers a greater opportunity for a business to grow. So, why wait any longer? Pay attention to the following information and be prepared to witness a dramatic increase in a company’s profitability!

Economic Climate

With the present economic climate, many small entrepreneurs are attempting to keep costs as low as possible including running a business from home because of high rental costs. Most building owners are aware of the current pressures faced by small businesses. In response to this, some owners have adjusted their lease rates accordingly to meet the needs of these micro-entrepreneurs. This is a benefit to both parties as landlords do not want many empty office spaces. It is generally possible for both sides to negotiate a fair deal. Some owners may even include other interesting incentives with their lease options to help entice tenants.


This might be the best time for a business to relocate to a new Dallas commercial office space and enjoy the benefits this decision can offer to move forward.

  • Capital investment Freedom – For a small entrepreneur, there are some fully furnished buildings available eliminating the need to invest capital in purchasing furniture and equipment. The only concern is with the financial strain of starting a new company.
  • Flexible Short-Term Leases – Short-term leases can be a great advantage for new businesses. This means that the lessee does not have to enter into a twelve-month lease, which is a usual agreement. There are some landlords who will offer a three-month lease and may even offer month-to-month rental options. These terms are very attractive to new entrepreneurs who want to avoid being strapped with the large overhead cost of a long-term lease.
  • All-Inclusive – These types of office space offer the option of one monthly bill which can help manage cash flow for a company. There is a single invoice each month that includes the cost of the lease as well as the cost of utilities, cleaning services, internet, telephone, and more, making bookkeeping tasks more simplified.
  • Choose the Right Size – Renters can lease the right amount of space for the business operation in a well-located office building. These areas range from around one hundred square feet which is ideal for one person, to several hundred square feet which is best suited for three or more people.

One of the biggest advantages of moving into a Dallas commercial office space is to establish clearer boundaries between home and business. Having a separate work location can help an entrepreneur better focus on the business tasks at hand. Therefore, choosing to move into a separate office can greatly increase productivity and be a wise move for a small, growing business!