Dallas Office Lease – Relocation Tips for an Easier Move!

Sooner or later, many companies find it necessary to pack up and move. Any relocation can be a Dallas_Office Leasestressful event; without the proper planning, a transfer can be even more troublesome. The following are some helpful tips for those who are taking on a new Dallas office lease, or a lease in any other area, to help make the move easier and avoid the consequences of being unprepared.

Importance of Setting a Time Line

Planning is very important to stay within an approaching deadline. Planning without creating a checklist is really not an effective planning strategy. Creating a checklist is helpful in the preparation for a move as it will enable one to know what needs to be done and when. This list may be very different from one company to another, depending on the size and type of the business. As time goes by, the list will more than likely undergo some changes.

  • 1 Month to 1 Year – Any where from four months to a year before the transfer, a memo should be created that emphasizes major planning decisions. This memo should include some essential things such as setting the necessary budget, the new work space layout, identifying equipment that will need to be purchased, talking to all employees about the plan, and defining the responsibilities of each team member.
  • 2 to 4 Months – Two to four months before the date of the move, furnishing and equipping the Dallas office lease space should begin. Office utilities such as electricity, internet access, an IT system, phone system or VOIP should be ordered. The office layout and furnishings should also be prepared during this time. One month before the transfer date, the new space should be cleared of any old furnishings and thoroughly cleaned and painted; if possible, any new furniture should be in place. Packing boxes for the transfer should also be obtained.
  • 1 Week – When there is only one week left before the moving date, make sure that everything that is being transferred from the old space to the new space is properly packed and tagged. All computers should be backed up. Keys and entry cards should be distributed to all employees. On the moving day itself, all those who are not directly involved in the move should keep out of both the former and new office spaces. Only those people who are assigned to specific tasks should be in either location and should be well-instructed on what needs to be done ahead of time.

Organized Moving

Organized moving will lessen the stress of the move as this will help prevent things from getting lost or having to be relocated because they were put in the wrong place. The most ideal thing to do is to set up a system that prevents this from happening. The following are some helpful tips:

  • Communication – Owners and managers should brief each worker regarding any restrictions during the transfer. Workers should also ask questions about the proper procedures to follow to ensure that the “rules” for packing are clearly understood.
  • Pack Files – Make sure to include only the important files that can be accommodated in the new office space. These files should be determined ahead of time. Those that are not needed in the new space can either be sent to storage or discarded. All files should be neatly packed in labeled boxes in alphabetical order to avoid misplacement during the transfer.
  • Organize Desk Contents -The new workplace may already have a different desk, which may only be able to accommodate a certain amount of supplies. Do not forget to inquire if there will be a place for personal items; if the space is limited, then personal things should be taken home.
  • Back up Electronic Files – Before packing any computer equipment, make sure to back-up any important files as the system could be damaged in the move.

Communicating the moving procedures, neatly packing items to be moved, and developing a check list will make the relocation to a new Dallas office lease much easier. Enjoy the move!