Dallas Office Space is Going Green!

Productivity and efficiency are two main goals that most people want to achieve in their Dallas office spaceDallas_Office_Space endeavors. Achieving these goals may be possible with the present structure of a work space; however, it is possible that the current office space status is subtly and unintentionally harming the environment.

With the current state of the economy, a transformation of the present structure to a greener one may be challenging since many businesses cannot invest much money to make such changes. This may be the right time to look for builders who offer flexible, affordable and easy-to-manage work spaces that include the substantial benefits of green features.

Common Scenario

The green campaign involves two important factors: conservation and recycling, both of which are easily exercised at home; however, this is usually not the case in an office. Most employees tend to make triplicate copies when printing, use too many paper cups, or leave their computers on all night. In a year’s time, one employee can consume at least a quarter of a ton of materials alone, including thousands of pieces of printed paper.

Additionally, the cooling, heating, and other power sources of businesses contribute a carbon dioxide emission of almost forty percent to the atmosphere and gobble up approximately seventy percent or more of total electricity usage. Without no benefit at all, computers left running consume almost one billion dollars worth of electricity in a year.

Green Buildings

The increasing demand for green workplaces is changing most current architectural designs. More and more commercial building owners are seeking builders who design structures with green features as such spaces lease more rapidly. Equipping commercial buildings with energy-saving apparatus such as solar panels easily attracts new occupants. In the United States, the act of going green is strengthened by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), a council that was created to certify that buildings with green architecture meet the standards for energy efficiency, water savings, and a selection of good environmental indoor materials.

A LEED platinum rating is granted to structures with the capability to minimize energy dependency through the green principles that are incorporated into its design. There are only 41 commercial buildings that are certified platinum in the United States. Although not many Dallas office space buildings currently exist, constructing a LEED accredited building should prove profitable for most building owners. In addition, renters that move into a new location bearing an LEED accreditation are making a very wise move.

Green Policies Impact Employees

Office space is available that can greatly impact both the environment and the work behavior and attitudes of employees. For example, when it comes to commuting according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the productivity that is lost in the course of a year all across the United States can be estimated as costing up to 3.7 billion dollars in lost time due to traffic congestion. Adding fuel costs on top of this wasted time causes this total to climb to as high as 63.1 billion dollars every year.

Employers can try to help employees cut down on commuting time and spare them from congestion by choosing an accessible location for the business. More and more people are being encouraged not to be so dependent on fossil fuels by taking steps such as biking or walking to and from work. This may also mean purchasing a car that runs on an electric engine, acquiring a bio-diesel fleet for the company, or equipping the workplace with quality recycled or secondhand tables, chairs, and other furnishings.

There are many resources available for the creation of green features in an office space. Innovations such as rainwater harvesting, a fully useable green roof, solar panels, and sensor lighting are a few such examples. For smaller companies, it may also be feasible to lease an office space where facilities such as meeting rooms and bathrooms are shared with other companies to lower the overall footprint businesses contribute to the environment. Any way you look at it, Dallas office space is going green!