Dallas Commercial Office Space Can Consider Commercial Industrial Space!

Dallas_Commercial_Office_SpaceFinding a Dallas commercial office space to lease or purchase that has sufficient rentable space and is affordable can be difficult. Despite the vacancy rates in commercial office spaces, some of the prime locations still are in high demand and come with an equally expensive price tag. One approach that most entrepreneurs take to solve this type of problem is to pursue cheaper and larger commercial spaces, such as an industrial space.

An industrial space is designed mainly for use as a large storage facility or for large-scale productions and manufacturing. The design is usually very crude, with nothing but the basic amenities such as lighting and ventilation. Despite the lack of amenities, there are many advantages to leasing an industrial space.

  • Low Cost and Flexible Terms – Due to its simplicity, an industrial space has a considerably cheaper rate per square foot when compared to any other type of commercial space. Large industrial spaces are much more inexpensive to rent than a furnished Dallas commercial office space. Since industrial spaces can be used for various purposes, the terms and conditions of the lease are much more flexible and easier to negotiate in order to meet the requirements of the business.
  • Cost Effective to Renovate – A commercial industrial space will still require intensive renovation before it can be utilized as an office space. Although the business may have to spend a considerable amount of money initially before being able to utilize the space, the investment will be cost-effective, particularly for long term leases, as the low rental rate will easily offset the initial investment for the renovation. Industrial spaces are flexible enough to allow tenants to renovate the space into a full fledged Dallas commercial office space.
  • Maximize Space for the Same Cost – One of the advantages of leasing an industrial space is that tenants can potentially double the amount of rentable space at no additional cost. Industrial spaces are built to have high ceilings and, in most cases, the overhead space is high enough to accommodate additional office space. Adding a second floor to the industrial space will mean a higher renovation cost; however, being able to double the useable space without raising the cost of the rent is a great advantage to the business. The additional space can be easily subleased or utilized for future business expansions.
  • Flexible Zoning – Unlike commercial offices where tenants are obliged to follow the existing zoning policy, industrial spaces have flexible zoning policies, so the tenant can freely utilize the space in any way possible and engage in any type of business without having to be concerned about the zoning policies of the location.

For these reasons, many businesses that employ a large workforce decide to utilize the many available industrial spaces, since they can easily provide a sufficient amount of office space at a considerably lower cost than renting or purchasing an actual Dallas commercial office space. Keep in mind that although commercial industrial spaces are affordable and spacious for their cost, there are still things that must be done to make the space useable. Consider the cost of adding vital utilities, such as electrical wiring, plumbing and HVAC systems as well as the time involved to make the necessary renovations. All-in-all, using industrial space to set up offices can be very beneficial to a business – consider it the next time a move will be made!