Important Instructions about Choosing Furniture for Your Office!

Choosing the appropriate furniture for a Dallas office lease space is important. The choice of furniture design can affect the overall image of that Dallas_Office_Leasebusiness. As much as possible, the office furniture should create a professional yet inviting ambiance for clients; at the same time, it should help to boost productivity and efficiency for the company’s employees.

Office furniture comes in a dizzying number of options. For anyone selecting office furniture for the first time, the number of options could be overwhelming, especially when that person buying has no knowledge of the criteria to use when making such a choice. Selection of office furniture should not be based on looks alone. Beyond aesthetics, the ideal office furniture should be functional, practical and efficient. To achieve that goal, here are some important criteria to use to help in the selection process:


  • Measure – Before purchasing any office furniture, it is important to evaluate what office equipment is needed. Take measurements of the office space layout to determine the appropriate size of office furniture to purchase. If possible, put the layout (to scale) on paper to make the sizing more visual rather than relying on numbers. There are great tools available on the internet to help with this. This will allow for a better perspective when choosing the correct office furniture size.
  • Determine Quantity – It is important to determine how much furniture is needed in a particular office space. The quantity should be based on the number of employees expected to work in that area. If the office expects to accommodate multiple clients at one time, it is important to include furniture for the clients as well.
  • Determine All Needs – Office desks and chairs are a staple in every office, regardless of the type of business, and should be at the top of every buyer’s list; however, there are businesses that require specialized furniture. When selecting furniture, do not overlook the unique furniture that is essential for a particular type of Dallas office lease. For example, a law office will require large book shelves to hold a vast number of law books; while an office for an architectural firm will require drafting tables and stools.


  • Functionality vs. Aesthetics – When buying office furniture, it is important to maintain a balance between functionality and aesthetics. An office should look appealing to clients; however, furniture selection should not compromise the efficiency and productivity of employees. For example, when choosing an office chair, be sure that it is functional and will provide good support for long periods of time.
  • Eco-Friendly – When choosing office supplies, consider looking for eco-friendly office furniture. Eco-friendly means that the furniture was made using recyclable materials and manufactured using low energy-consuming methods. Eco-friendly labeled furniture uses non-toxic components so it does not pose any health concerns to employees. It is also a subtle way of letting clients know that the business cares about the environment.
  • Budget – Always remain within budget when choosing office furniture. It can be very expensive to purchase, and in most cases is given the least amount of funds in start-up expenses of any business. If quality office furniture is beyond the budget of the business, leasing may be a better means of acquiring furniture. Leasing allows businesses to obtain quality office equipment for about half the cost while gaining the ability to regularly upgrade the office.

Office furniture has a significant impact on how clients perceive a Dallas office lease. More importantly, it can also provide efficiency and productivity within the workplace. Hopefully this simple guide will give buyers the ability to prioritize and choose the correct type of office furniture for any office space!