Dallas Office Space Guidelines: Dress to Impress!

Maintaining a professional image in a Dallas office space business is important. It sends a non-verbal message to clients that they are dealing with dallas-office-spacecompetent and knowledgeable individuals. One effective way to promote a professional image is by implementing a standard dress code to which employees should adhere.


The attire worn by employees during business hours plays a significant role in the image of the company. It is important to think about this from the perspective of the client. For example, picture going into a bank and being greeted by a representative who is dressed in khakis and a t-shirt. This may present a negative impression of that particular representative to the consumer. That negative impression could also reflect upon the image of the entire business.

Benefits of Implementing Dress Code

There are some benefits to implementing a dress code for employees in a Dallas office space:

  • Creating a Positive Impression – Considering the phrase “the first impression is the lasting impression,” the impression clients perceive when they enter an office for the first time will stay with them while they conduct business with that particular company. Therefore, it is important that the first impression be a positive one. Like it or not, the appearance of employees could significantly affect the outcome of a transaction. Assumptions regarding the capability of the business are often based on the way their employees dress.
  • Earning Respect – Implementing a professional dress code within a Dallas office space helps employees earn the respect of the company’s clients. Wearing professional clothing such as dark gray or navy somehow sends a non-verbal message that the wearer should be respected.

Types of Dress Code

Determining appropriate office attire depends on the type of business and the type of image being pursued. For example, a creative advertising firm would probably want to implement business casual office attire; a law firm will generally require formal office attire for their employees.

  • Business Casual – A business casual dress code may be suitable when workers do not have to interact with clients on a daily basis. As the name implies, workers can choose to look casual with whatever attire they can comfortably wear. For men, casual attire may consist of a polo shirt, slacks or suit pants and walking shoes or deck type shoes. With women, a business casual dress code has many options; however, there are a few important guidelines to follow to stay within the business casual criteria. The attire should not reveal too much of the employee’s back or chest; the clothing should not reveal one’s stomach, cleavage, or underwear; and the apparel should not contain any offensive images or words.
  • Formal – Formal office attire is usually reserved for businesses comprised of knowledgeable professionals who provide guidance and professional services to clients. This type of apparel is often preferred by businesses such as banks, law offices, accounting firms, and real estate firms to name a few. For men, formal office attire usually consists of suit jackets, slacks, suit pants, oxfords, loafers, and boots. For women, formal office attire includes skirts, dress shirts, blouses and suit jackets. Stockings are a must for women and should be paired with dress heels. Casual shoes with an open toe are not acceptable as formal office attire.

Business attire guidelines are an important aspect of a Dallas office space, particularly for businesses that demand a professional business image. Dressing to impress is an easy, yet effective way to boost the image of the business while at the same time gain respect and a positive first impression from all clients!