Parking Space Shortage: Don’t Let it Ruin Your Business!

A successful business is one that attracts clients and keeps them coming back. Everything about the business should aim for that goal. Dallas_Office_SpaceDespite having a great line-up of products and excellent service, not every business achieves that goal because of one simple, yet fairly common problem: parking space shortages.

One of the aspects often overlooked by business owners when searching for a Dallas office space is parking. To have a successful business, it is essential to find a Dallas office space that is equipped with enough parking spaces to cater to the needs of the business customers as well as the employees. A simple parking space shortage can cause a lot of problems for the business in the long run.

Client Parking – Clients who prefer private transportation over public transportation expect the same level of convenience when stepping out of their vehicles. If a client has to drive around the block several times to find a space to park, it could potentially drive clients away to look for a similar business with better parking space options.

Employee Parking – Parking shortages not only affect clients but employees as well. If the business requires a large workforce and the majority prefer to use a private vehicle to get to work, the parking needs of each one of them needs to be addressed. The employees cannot continually run late because they have a hard time finding a parking space.

A parking shortage is a serious problem, but it is something that can be avoided or remedied in the case where a particular Dallas office space is already experiencing a parking space crisis.

Plan for Parking Needs – If the business is currently looking for a Dallas office space to lease or purchase, avoid potential problems with parking space congestion by carefully planning for current and future needs of the business; parking requirements vary from one business to another. A fast food restaurant, for example, may need an ample amount of parking space since they cater to a larger number of clients particularly during peak eating hours and clients tend to stay longer. A convenience store can get away with little parking space since customers come and go in minutes.

Research Parking Needs – The best way to determine what the actual parking requirements are for a business is to conduct research on similar businesses around the location of the company. Determine the volume of traffic during peak hours to have a reference on how much parking space the business would require. The resulting figure should then be added to the criteria for the Dallas office space when looking for a space to lease or purchase.

Lease Parking Spaces – Dallas office space with an ample amount of parking may be difficult to come by; however, that can be remedied by leasing adjacent parking spaces from nearby commercial buildings if the distance is convenient for clients. It is a cost-effective way to address a parking space crisis without having to spend a lot of money on an expensive relocation.

It is also important to seek assistance from a commercial realtor as they can simplify the process of finding a suitable office space for the business. Any commercial Dallas office space that comes with an ample amount of parking can be difficult to locate as they are highly cherished by other businesses as well. Commercial realtors can help as they are well acquainted with the commercial real estate lease and sales market and can point the business to the right location to get established.

When locating a business in a new Dallas office space, ensure there is enough parking available for clients and employees. Research the location and compare the needs of the business for parking and make a decision based on that research. Do not let a parking space shortage ruin the business!