Dallas Office Lease: Make Your Office Green!

Triggered by the issue of global warming and the high cost of energy, ‘going green’ is becoming a hot topic once more. People these days are starting to adopt practices that are considered ‘fridallas-office-leaseendly’ to the environment in their homes such as recycling, conserving energy and so much more. Regardless if you are an environmentalist or not, it’s undeniable that going green has its advantages, and you can also take advantage of those benefits if you start making your office space green.

Save Money and the Environment

I’m not talking about literally painting your Dallas office lease green. By ‘green,’ I’m referring about ways to make your office space energy-efficient and somewhat environmentally friendly. Although you might not be interested about preserving the environment, there are plenty of reasons why you would still want to go green. This is because going green doesn’t only help the environment; it also improves energy efficiency and could lower your office’s operating costs.

Save on Operating Costs

You heard me right! Going green can reduce your office space’s operating costs. Do you know that in an average American office, one office worker can use up 10,000 pieces of copier paper? The energy used by offices in the U.S. for heating, cooling, and powering office equipment is responsible for 70{579b2c1eac05c65313fdfbd711927f2fd19533bee42d57c8ca73c4fe8b7aef19} of the country’s energy consumption. Now just think how much money your business is wasting for these mismanaged resources. By going green, you can reduce unnecessary spending on your Dallas office lease, and focus your resources to some things that are much more important.

Locate Near Mass Transit

So in what ways can your Dallas office lease go green? There are plenty of ways to go green, and implementing even a few could bear positive results. If you are still looking for a new Dallas office lease, you might want to start going green by choosing a location that is accessible by mass transit such as a train station or a bus station so workers won’t have to rely on their private transportation every time to come to work.

Use Energy-Saving Equipment

The office space appliances and other electrical equipment is also a huge factor if you want to go green. Some Dallas office lease appliances are rated as energy efficient which means they consume a lower amount of energy or have a feature that is designed to save energy. For example, you might want to swap your old CRT monitor with an LED one because it uses considerably less electricity. You may also want to pick a CFL bulb or an LED light bulb for your office lighting to minimize electricity consumption.

Use Low-Flush Toilets

Going green is not merely about saving electricity. You can also go green by replacing your old office toilets. Believe it or not, an old toilet consumes up to 8 gallons of water per flush. Swap it for a water efficient toilet that only consumes 1.6 gallons of water per flush to reduce your office’s water consumption.

Involve Everyone

Lastly, urge everyone inside the office to get involved in going green. Though simple measures like switching electrical equipment off when not in use may not seem like much, it can make a huge difference when everyone is doing it. Doing these simple things can help your Dallas office lease building save your company money and do the environment a favor as well. Do it now – go green!