Plano Office Space Will Grow Your Business!

Plano Office SpaceIf business expansion and a new office branch are on your horizon, you need to consider leasing Plano office space and watch your business grow! An office location in the affluent city of Plano in Collier County is in the greater area known as the Metroplex or DFW in the state of Texas.

Many well-known businesses have elected to locate their company headquarters in Plano. Those companies include: Rent-a-Center; Dr. Pepper Snapple Group; and Cinemark Theatres to name a few.

What are the important reasons to locate a business or company headquarters in Plano? Listed below are a few of the reasons.

  • Stability of Plano Real Estate Market – Word about the real estate market bubble in the Plano area has been circulating for some time now. The Plano real state market is very strong and sought after for relocation purposes. Plano has been considered one of the best places to live in the Western United States. It has consistently ranked high in this area and for two years in a row was considered the richest city in America. Furthermore, according to recent census data, it has the the lowest poverty rate with the highest income rate.
  • Reasonable Plano Office Space Rates – The beginning price of a small Plano office space within most commercial buildings with meeting rooms and other centralized business center amenities starts around $450. There are choices such as executive suites, temporary offices, shared office space and virtual offices. Larger office and commercial buildings have Class A and B ratings for location consideration.

Plano Office Space Considerations

The following factors should be carefully considered when looking at Plano office space:

  • Choose an office location with easy street accessibility for customers. Inquire about possible major street construction planning for the specific location to avoid any potential problems getting to that specific location.
  • If possible, contact the current tenants and seek their opinion about this Plano office space. Inquire about phone systems, internet connectivity and/or Wi-Fi, general office maintenance, etc. Ask the current tenants if they are planning to renew their lease and if not, why not.
  • Determine if the price per square foot is the current fair market value in the area. Find out if the landlord of this Plano office space will offer a graduated rent scale if your business is just getting started.
  • Obtain and study the owner’s financial position. If the building owner is in a financial crunch, the possibility of closing down the building or selling it might cause potential leasing issues.
  • Ask if there are communal services and utilities for Plano office space tenants such as fax service, copy machines, conference rooms, and phone answering services among others

Leasing Plano office space is a great option for many different businesses. If unsure about any of this, it will always be a wise decision to seek the services of a professional real estate company with knowledge of the Plano office space market. Hopefully, this information will help you find just the Plano office space you want!