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When companies need commercial space to lease, there are many different realtor representatives to select from. Among those options, the best choice will always be working with experienced tenant representatives who provide tenant-only services.

You may not think there is much difference between working with tenant reps and other commercial agents; however, this is not the case. Tenant representation gives you important benefits not available with other types of commercial agents.

No Attached Financial Incentives

One of the first questions many people have about tenant representatives is who pays them and where do their loyalties lie as commercial agents. Tenant reps work independent of a landlord or commercial realtor. They help companies like yours find good spaces to lease no matter who is the landlord.

Your representative is paid by the landlord for negotiating a positive deal between the landlord and a new tenant, something that may not happen as easily without their help. This means reps can work with any tenant to help them lease an available property with no ties to the leasor. Their goal is to help you find a property and sign a lease to achieve your leasing goals. With tenant representation, your company gets the invaluable service of a leasing and negotiating expert for free.

Impartial Advice to Tenant Clients

Since tenant representatives are paid no matter who is the landlord, their main objective is to help tenant clients find appropriate spaces and secure favorable lease agreements. Once again, nobody gains if a lease is not signed. To facilitate the process, tenant reps advise clients based on the client’s specific needs in order to help them make the best financial and leasing decisions.

This tenant-only service model gives you confidence you in knowing you are receiving the best advice from an agent who is negotiating on your behalf. The focus is always on getting the best lease space at the best rates so you can achieve business goals.

Protects Client Confidentiality

A business strategy is not the only strategy your company needs. Your business needs a leasing strategy as well in order to set your budget and meet all current and future needs and leasing plans. The great thing about tenant representation is that it allows you to share these details in confidence with an agent who is working only for you.

Tenant reps can help develop a future leasing strategy, then help you negotiate the terms you need to achieve your business goals. Their confidential service prevents situations where commercial realtors who represent landlords have advance knowledge of your leasing and negotiating strategies. This could interfere with fair negotiations and your ability to get a great lease deal.

Although it may seem that one commercial realty agent is just like any other one, tenant representatives are quite different. Tenant reps provide their clients with loyal and unbiased assistance, acting only in their best interest. With skilled tenant representation, your company has the best chance of finding suitable lease space for the best lease terms. Before you begin searching for new space or renew your current lease, find a tenant-only advisor to help you!

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