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The Plano/North Plano/Frisco area has seen recent dramatic development. The availability of land, population demographics, and close proximity to the Metroplex itself has led developers to take advantage of the entire climate here to actively pursue Plano office space growth in this area.

  • Desirable business locations!
  • Growing residential areas to support business growth!
  • LCRG knows the best Plano office space properties!

Income demographics show a 90% residential population in the ‘High Income’ category as well as the already-existing Legacy Business Park and Stonebriar Centre in addition to the Dr. Pepper StarCenter and Deja Blue Ice Arena – Home of the Dallas Stars and Frisco Thunder.  What great potential for further commercial Plano office space in this area!

With the expanded interest for Plano office space, finding the right office area requires the handling of experienced realtors and brokers with the knowledge, familiarity, and experience in this growing area of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

Established Experts In The Area!

The team of experts at LCRG have the experience to help clients find a Plano Office Space that is well=uited to their business needs. They know the Plano commercial realty market and are eager to help you find the perfect Plano Office Space for your business needs!


Plano Office Space FAQs

What About Lease Terms in a Plano Office Space Contract?

Become familiar with basic lease terms used in a commercial lease agreement for Plano office space. It is important to know any relevant and applicable lease terms to avoid any possible problems when a business enters into a lease agreement.

What are Net, Gross and Full Service Leases?

A net lease refers to the base rent amount; a gross lease includes some of the operating expenses including real estate taxes; and a full service lease may includes a tenant’s cost of occupancy.

How do I Negotiate a Great Plano Office Space?

Become familiar with the basic parts of a commercial lease; know what should be included in a lease; be able to write a Letter of Intent and review it when returned; know how to cancel a lease; know some legal terminology – or you could hire a great realty firm to handle all Plano office space such as the Team of Experts at LCRG!

How Do I Get Started?

Fill out the Free Locator form to the right of here or call 214-526-2626 LCRG is ready to help you find the best Plano Office Space to suit your business needs!

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