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In order to obtain an efficient office lease, everything must be carefully calculated from rent and business expenses to how much space is necessary to provide for a sufficient work area. One important thing that office space services use to help a company estimate the size of the space they need is office space density and space per employee. Companies who need to trim their expenses often look at reducing space as their answer, which can present its own problems. A company who helps businesses locate office space can find ways to improve the use of smaller spaces, even when density is higher, so that everyone can be both comfortable and productive in a smaller overall space.

What Is Office Space Density?

Office space density calculates square feet per employee, occupancy cost per employee, and the occupancy cost ratio.  It is one of the many methods that companies who help businesses locate the right size office space may use in their search. This can be very important because with commercial leasing, every square foot of unused space is cost prohibitive. Still, if the office space density is too high, it can make the work environment feel uncomfortable and cramped. Office space density only includes employee workstations and excludes support areas and common areas. Higher density equates to a smaller amount of space per employee, while lower density means more space per employee. This relates to the cost per square foot and helps a company determine how efficiently their space is being used according to their business needs and the number of employees they have.

Which Is Better - High or Low Density?

The answer to whether high or low density is better depends on many things, including how employees use their space, how many employees need space, and the general atmosphere of the work environment. The challenge that many businesses face today when enlisting help of an office space leasing company is how to provide comfortable working conditions for more people, in less space. Cube farms were the answer until more recently; as the idea of these cramped workspaces has become less desirable, companies are becoming more creative in how they utilize their space. Office space services find that by creatively considering office space density, a business is able to do more with less space in a comfortable, open office environment.

Getting More Use from Smaller Spaces

Open offices are not for every company; however, most companies can get more efficient use from their office space and trim leasing budgets with the right layout. A combination of open and enclosed areas, or skillfully equipped open offices, can help a business keep their employees feeling as comfortable as possible while still using less individual space. While this does increase office space density per employee in terms of private workspace, the right floor plan that increases the amount of open and support space can still help everyone feel less crowded. Lighting, furnishings, and office layout all come into play when trying to get more from less.  An experienced office space company is practiced at achieving just that. The end result is a more cost-effective lease space, with a lower occupancy cost ratio.

Finding the perfect office space is never easy; however, with the right assistance from office space services, a business can successfully find the lease space they need. Calculating office space density can help, based on how space is used and how many employees must be accommodated. It can also serve as a guideline to help a business make the best leasing decision. An office space company experienced in helping businesses make more efficient use of their square footage, even when downsizing or leasing a smaller space is necessary, can help a company achieve the best of both worlds!

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