Like fashion trends and other design movements, office space design trends are continually changing. In the past few years, many offices have moved from crowded cubicles to more open spaces and 2016 seems to be continuing in that same direction. Office space services are focusing more on making open areas more comfortable, functional, and appealing to give employees a great working environment that is both relaxing and productive. Following are a few of the fastest growing ideas in office design that many office space services are using to create the best working spaces for all kinds of companies.

Bringing In the Comforts of Home and Nature

One of the most desirable trends in the design of office space is increased comfort, both visual and physical. By adding more comfortable and relaxed seating such as couches and easy chairs, office spaces are more inviting and more like home. With the addition of skylights, large picture windows and window walls, fireplaces, and more live foliage, many office spaces are inviting in nature. All of these things have a great calming effect that can aid productivity and make an office space look more comfortable and appealing.

Emphasis on Color and Texture

The days of dark and drab are long gone, as office space services have been concentrating on brightening up these spaces using light and bright colors. Lighter workstations combine well with accessories in bright hues, helping to cheer up any office space. Adding some texture to these colors by using various office furnishing materials increases this effect, creating a more comfortable and inviting work area.

Streamlining and Reducing Clutter

With advancements in wireless technology, companies are taking advantage of this by upgrading business IT and removing many wires. This provides the freedom to work wherever and however necessary and greatly reduces the clutter that wires can create. Where it is not possible to go wireless, companies are investing in products that let wires be hidden to cut down on desk and office clutter.

Modifiable Floor Plans and Multipurpose Workstations

Permanent furnishings are a thing of the past, as companies look to get more use out of existing office space. By designing for modification with movable furnishings and workstations, it is easier to cater to all work and employee needs. Workstations that are comfortable and can serve multiple purposes are also rapidly gaining popularity. With wireless use and adjustable workstations, employees have the ability to go where necessary or just stay put. Multipurpose work areas that include a variety of seating and surfaces are becoming especially popular, giving employees a choice as to where they would like to settle down to get their work done.

Today’s office space services find that flexibility and comfort are key to modern office workspace design, improving on the main faults of the open office idea. By providing designated areas with comfortable and visually pleasing open areas, companies can cater to the preferences of many employees without forcing anyone to work in an unappealing way. To learn more about current trends in the layout and design of office space, companies can work with experienced office space services to plan beautiful, clutter-free, and comfortable working spaces!

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