Finding the appropriate Dallas office space for a company can take some time. The criteria for what Dallas_Office_Spaceconstitutes the ‘best’ space is different for each firm. With proper planning and a thorough understanding of present and future business needs, budget limits, and any other important specifics, securing a perfect location can hopefully be a more simplified ordeal.

Following are some considerations to keep in mind when deciding what details are required and the best way to go about obtaining them.

Necessity vs. Reality

Naturally, the best case scenario would be to be have more than enough money to find the perfect space in the perfect desired location. It would certainly be a stroke of luck to have things turn out that way! Realistically, there is going to have to be compromises, changes dependent upon available facilities.

The best way to start out is by being clear about what the budget does and does not allow, separating desires from the must-have, bare-bones space and inclusion requirements in order to operate. From there, other factors can be weighed and working with a commercial real estate broker can begin.


For companies with much client interaction especially any walk-in type of service, location will be more vital. Here are some factor to consider:

  • City Accessibility – Will it be preferable to be located within a city or is a business park outside of the city limits an option? That answer will greatly depend on the type of business and its clientele. It will also dictate the need for things such as on-site parking versus regular city parking; proximity to other nearby businesses and conveniences; and the location of any competition and whether that makes a difference as to the location.
  • Safety Concerns – Safety is a concern when obtaining office space for both clients and employees. If there will be frequent client and other walk-in traffic, locating in a safe neighborhood should be a high priority. Within a city, it will probably mean paying higher rent; however, the tradeoff of potential lost business if located in a depressed work area must be considered. The safety of employees, equipment, documents and anything else that is important to a company must be taken into account when finding Dallas office space.

Space Usability

How available physical space can be used is an important factor as it would make no sense to pay for space that doesn’t provide what is needed. Such needs could involve: preferred office layouts of cubicles, open offices, etc.; number of private offices; proper and adequate lighting; private restrooms and break rooms are all required by a company to help manage office and business needs in the best way possible.

Ensuring there is enough space in general should never be overlooked even if the temptation to save money is very appealing. Employees need certain conditions or may even need better areas in which to work to perform to the best of their ability. Certain necessities such as space, lighting and other comforts that make for a good work environment should not be compromised.


Other than concerns about location, physical layout, and certain direct employee or client needs, adequate attention should be paid to the actual lease terms. The most perfect location in the world will not be so perfect if a business finds itself facing questionable concerns that were not properly addressed before the lease was signed. The obligations of each party and renewal options are just two of the many things to be considered. A good commercial real estate broker can help with this type of negotiations, paying close attention to what is best for a business.

When all of the questions and concerns such as those presented above have been addressed and all viable options have been considered, the selection of a commercial Dallas office space lease in a wonderful new facility can be successfully completed!

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