Dallas _Office_SpaceTwo different organizations sharing one common Dallas office space is a relatively new concept of utilizing a common area. At first, it is hard to imagine how two different organizations could efficiently function under one roof; however, there are many benefits to such a structure.

Reasons for Sharing

  • Limited Prime Office Locations – Most prime locations only have a limited amount of available space. So many businesses compete for these locations that there is seldom a vacancy; if there happens to be one, a new tenant is already in line before it is even advertised. By jointly using an area, two or more businesses can take advantage of having a prime location.
  • Expensive Lease Rates – In places where there is high demand for leased space, leasing is often a more affordable option than purchasing even if the cost of leasing is still considerably high. By sharing rent costs with another tenant, the cost of rent is reduced and more affordable.
  • Unstable Economy – The current economic conditions have remained unstable despite the government-aided stimulus packages. This has led to many problems in the business sector such that the start-up of a new business is difficult for smaller companies. Thankfully, office space sharing allows businesses to locate in a certain area with only a small capital investment.

Benefits of Sharing

  • Reduced Leasing Costs – One of the biggest expenses of running any type of business is usually the cost of rent. Sharing Dallas office space can lead to a huge reduction in leasing expenses as it allows two or more tenants to split the burden of payment.
  • Shared Maintenance Costs – The cost for maintenance and utilities is evenly divided between tenants, thus making it more affordable for each party.
  • Easier Collaboration – Non-competitive companies and organizations that deal with a similar type of business can easily collaborate through office sharing. Being under one roof, or in one room, makes it easier to forward files, merchandise, and ideas, or even conduct conferences between parties.
  • Easier Business Start-up – Starting a business can also be easier. One of the biggest financial challenges in starting a small or medium-sized enterprise is keeping up with the monthly rental and utilities. Through sharing, half of the original rent cost or more can be reduced as the expenses are evenly divided between all tenants. This makes it less difficult for small businesses to take that first step into the corporate world.

Real-Life Example

Thoreau Center for Sustainability is one good example of an organization that promotes office space sharing. Thoreau has two centers which are located in San Francisco and New York. Both centers serve as an area for several non-profit organizations. The different organizations using the center divide all of the available facilities and share the cost of utilities, maintenance, and other operational expenses. Such an arrangement has led to savings of as much as 85.5 percent of costs and utilities.

Today, Dallas office space sharing is becoming popular for a variety of reasons. While the concept is far from revolutionary, it is a flexible option for small businesses in these currently demanding economic conditions – and sharing is caring!