Commercial Real Estate in Dallas Texas

The commercial real estate industry deals in various types of non-residential property including warehouse and industrial space. Leasing a facility such as this may seem fairly straightforward; however, there are many different types of space for companies to consider. To best suit their needs, companies in search of real estate such as warehouse locations should understand the different types of available property and how they are most useful.

  • Distribution Warehouse Buildings - Industrial buildings used for product storage and distribution is one where the prime need is space. These single-story distribution warehouses may be hundreds of thousands of square feet in size and have ceilings as high as sixty feet to accommodate extensive storage systems. Many are climate controlled and more specialized facilities may be set up for frozen or cold storage. These structures usually include some office space and may be located close to rail tracks, with loading docks and ample room for tractor-trailers to get in and out.
  • Manufacturing Facilities - Manufacturing warehousing is space designed to house light and heavy equipment where products are manufactured. These properties may have a small amount of storage areas, although their main purpose is for housing production equipment. As such, manufacturing facilities are usually climate controlled and have complete HVAC systems, full electrical power, industrial ventilation, and exhaust systems. They also have floor drains and other, more specialized accommodations to enable the use of manufacturing equipment.
  • Data and Telecom Buildings - Large data centers and telecommunications buildings are highly specialized types of commercial real estate designed to house large data servers and other electronic equipment. These structures have reinforced and raised flooring, full HVAC systems, and extensive electrical and data cabling. These warehouse type of properties are usually located within close proximity to major communication hubs.
  • Biotech Wet Lab Facilities - Another common use for industrial space is for wet labs and biotech buildings. A biotech property typically has specialized plumbing and water delivery systems. They also include extensive electrical and ventilation systems, detailed climate control, and other essential systems to facilitate the testing and analysis of products and chemicals. Biotech lab facilities frequently include both office and lab areas, making them a type of flex building.
  • Flex Buildings, R&D and Showrooms - Flex structures are a type of industrial commercial real estate that includes both warehouse space and office areas. These versatile properties are used for many purposes, including Research and Development (R&D), as biotech facilities, and as combination retail showroom and storage facilities. Flex buildings may be equipped in a variety of ways depending upon how the large storage portion of the structure will be used.

Although these examples only point out the main classifications of industrial space available today, companies in need of this kind of commercial real estate have a wide variety to choose from. Finding the best and most appropriately equipped facility is essential for all businesses to be most productive. To learn more about this type of warehouse space and determine which type is best for a company’s specific needs, each business should discuss their operating requirements with a real estate broker who deals with warehouses and other types of industrial space!

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