Commercial Office Space in Dallas Texas

Are you outgrowing your commercial office space? If so, congratulations on the growth of your business! Before you allow this expansion to prevent even further growth, first determine whether your current commercial office lease is properly serving you or if some changes are in order.

Consider the various options below that a commercial office space company can help you with to ensure you get the most from your business location when you need to expand.

Reorganize the Existing Layout

Moving your company to a new commercial office space is expensive and time-consuming. In many cases, a better option may be to modify your current floor plan to make your space more usable and better able to accommodate growth for more employees and work areas.

Many times, with some creative redesigning and a good lease negotiation by your commercial office space company, you can have the space you need at a lower cost without even moving. Consider ways to make better use of storage and seldom-used conference areas, whether telecommuting is an option for some employees, and if redesigning to an open floor plan might help.  

Discuss Options with Your Landlord

Next, discuss your need to expand with your landlord. Go over the current commercial office lease and negotiate renewal time improvements that can help you get what you need. If there is really no way to modify the existing area to solve your expansion needs, find out whether there is any more space available in the same building.

You can also inquire as to whether your landlord has availability in other buildings close by and negotiate a lease for some of that space to relocate a portion of your business to allow for total overall expansion.

Relocate Your Business

When none of the previous options are available, work with a commercial office space company to find another building that will accommodate your needs. Although moving may be a last resort, do not avoid it if your current location is preventing future growth.

There are times when the expense and time required to find a new location and sign a new commercial office lease are well worth it, especially if you find a better location or a building that is not only larger, but also has more of the amenities you want.

Always Plan for the Future

Before signing a lease on any commercial office space, always consider the possibility that you may need to expand and determine what options you actually have. You will then know in advance what you need to do if your company grows and you require more space, along with what your limitations will be.

If growth is a strong possibility, future planning can also help you identify which buildings are not a consideration if they provide no room to expand. Pay attention to lease terms, improvement negotiations, and any penalties for ending your lease early. By going into an agreement with a full understanding of these options, you will make the best leasing decision for now and in the future.

If you are fortunate enough to be have business growth that is pushing you out of your current commercial office space, there are a few possible ways to deal with this. An experienced commercial office space company can find the best way to modify your existing space or negotiate to lease additional space or even relocate if it is a better choice.

The best recommendation is to always leave room for growth by planning ahead before you sign a commercial office lease. Any way you choose to do it, continued company growth depends on having enough space available to handle it!

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