To get the most from leased office space, any company involved in commercial lease negotiations must have a good idea of what they actually need. An accurate determination of required size and floor plan layout is an essential part of finding the right commercial lease. In the past, negotiations were often done using floor plan drawings that were passed around from person to person. In recent years, it has finally become possible to design and calculate the efficient use of space with newer technology. Using the newest space planning software available today, commercial office lease companies now have the necessary tools to help their clients find the best, most efficient space that is well-suited to their needs.

The Importance of Pre-Planning for Office Space

As any company who assist clients in finding commercial office space to lease should know, there is an essential planning stage in the search and negotiation process. It is generally easy to find spaces in terms of square footage; what cane be done with that space is the most important part of the planning phase. Before signing any lease, a business should ensure the plan they have for the office space is really suitable for their needs. An improved floor plan layout can help a company stay put in the same building; however, when the time for lease negotiations comes around, they may need even more improvements to stay in the same space.

Efficient Space Planning through Technology

While floor plan software has been used by designers and architects for a long time, there are new programs available specifically for the commercial real estate industry to help brokers better serve their clients. These cloud-based applications are basically "supercharged" versions of basic floor planning software, providing the expected functions - and then some. With these applications, commercial lease agents can quickly and easily create a replica of any space and design for the best or desired use of that space. They can then share this layout with others for discussion and edits. Since the applications are cloud-hosted, there is never a problem with getting these plans to others to come up with ideas to make the best possible use of every space.

The Many Benefits of Space Planning Software

Although this may seem like nothing more than fancy floor planning software, these newer applications offer today's realtors simplicity and usage speed. It allows commercial lease agents and their clients important benefits, particularly when they are in the middle of commercial lease negotiations.

For the tenant, being able to see detailed drawings of how a proposed lease space can look, and how tailored improvements can be made, is essential for budgeting and planning necessities. It is one thing to talk about design ideas, but something altogether different - and more beneficial - when those ideas can be seen in detailed layouts and drawings. Knowing that changes can be easily made, and the end result will be a proposed office space that provides exactly what the tenant needs, is a great benefit for all involved. The obvious benefits for the leasing agent or tenant rep is having a fast, powerful tool to help clients find and design the exact space they need, resulting in more closed deals.

With this kind of technology available at the tip of their fingers, space planning applications are making commercial lease negotiations a simpler and beneficial process for everyone involved, from the property owner all the way to the tenant. They help everyone achieve their commercial lease goals faster and easier. With simpler, fully-accessible online planning that enables all parties to understand expectations, limitations, and have a visual to compare to, this new technology in office space planning can be an essential tool for every commercial office lease company in this business!

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