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Millennials currently make up over half of today’s workforce. With so many employable people in this age group, businesses like yours need to consider this when making commercial lease decisions. As any commercial lease company can tell you, millennials work and live differently than other generation.

To attract and retain the most promising talent, you must consider commercial office space that reflects this by offering the most comfortable environment for those who are seeking more open spaces.

Millennials Prefer Different Workspaces

As the millennial generation has grown to become a majority in today’s workforce, commercial lease trends have begun to shift with them. Airy, open offices have increasingly been replacing stuffed cubicle farms and closed-in offices as today’s employees seek more collaborative spaces. Natural light and clean, ergonomic furnishings are in demand today over more traditional options, as are all the amenities of home that make an office environment more comfortable.

Today’s employees prefer commercial office space that gives them options, rather than forcing them into small, dark cubbies. Most millennials prefer the ability to move their work to the most comfortable spot, whether that is around a table with others or singularly in a quieter corner.

Location is everything, with most millennials preferring urban settings in the midst of the local activity and easily reachable by public transportation. These are all factors that every commercial lease company in any competitive market knows well by this point, as the demand for this type of office space continues to rise.

Choosing Millennial-Approved Office Spaces

If the workforce your company is trying to attract is comprised largely of millennials, this is something you must consider when choosing your commercial office space. A prime factor will be choosing the right location, as the demand for the urban settings that are preferable to millennials is driving the current commercial lease market.

Besides securing the right location, you must also consider the layout and whether a space can be appropriately improved to create a comfortable open floor plan. Everything from the number of windows to a building’s construction and how it affects wireless service must be considered when determining the suitability of a space for lease.

Traditional office buildings may not offer the flexibility you need without a lot of modification; unique repurposed spaces could give you what you need. An experienced commercial lease company can help you understand how different spaces can be improved to be more millennial-friendly and how this type of lease could benefit your company.

Based on the shape of today’s growing workforce, it is important for companies to consider who they want to hire and how to gain the most from such employees. If your employee base is largely millennials, this should be a major consideration in your decision on leasing commercial office space.

Between finding the right location and negotiating the right improvements of a commercial lease, the success of your business may depend largely on providing the most favorable environment for your millennial employees. With this trend growing more each year, you can get the assistance you need in finding the right office space from a commercial lease company experienced in your local market!

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