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What Exactly Is A Captive Tenant?

Commercial leasing is a very competitive market for both the tenant and the landlord. There are only a certain number of available spaces and only so many tenants available to lease those spaces, all with the same goal of getting the most space for the least amount of money. Landlords can achieve this a concept known as “captive tenants,” who are tenants that need to renew at their current locate and often must accept less than what a new tenant might receive for the same property. To avoid this kind of situation, it […]

Tenant Reps Help Avoid Tenant Improvement Problems!

When negotiating a commercial office lease, one of the many concerns that must be carefully handled is tenant improvements. Agreeing on improvements, and ensuring they are completed, can turn even the most friendly negotiation into a strained one. This is one of the most important reasons why a business should work with experienced tenant representatives when leasing commercial office space. Tenant reps can […]

How To Benefit From Tenant Commercial Space Improvements!

One of the biggest benefits a company looking to lease office space can gain when working with tenant representatives is great negotiating power for improvements. Through expert tenant representation, not only is a company able to locate the best commercial office […]

Financial Analysis As Part of Commercial Lease Negotiations!

Commercial lease negotiations are sometimes lengthy procedures involving skilled negotiations in order for a company to get the lease they need. There are many factors that go into obtaining the right commercial office lease, from determination of actual space need, to having a good financial analysis done. In any office lease situation, a financial analysis is important to help a company determine how much they can afford to pay for […]

The Three Best Ways to Control Office Space Costs!

Leased office space is expensive, one of the largest costs that businesses must budget for other than actual salaries. To get the best use and efficiency from any commercial lease space, it should be the best commercial office space for a particular company that can easily fill company needs. Achieving such a goal may require the services of a tenant reps company to stand the best chance of […]

Privacy In Commercial Real Estate – Is It A Lost Cause?

An open office space environment has become popular recently, with many people supporting the idea of a collaborative work space and its relaxed atmosphere. Some commercial real estate brokers are learning from their clients about such usage and learning there are definite drawbacks to this type of floor plan – the main one being privacy. This raises the question of whether open […]

Why Commercial Tenant Reps Are Just What You Need!

When leasing commercial office space, businesses should seriously consider hiring a tenant representative to help them. Tenant representatives provide an invaluable service for businesses, making the process of finding and occupying the right commercial space much less challenging. Working with the best tenant reps in the area may seem like just another added expense on the surface; however, in reality there is no […]

Understanding The Work Of Commercial Real Estate Brokers!

When it is time to consider a lease renewal or find a new building with rented office space, it is recommended that a business work with the best commercial real estate brokers who are experienced in complex commercial lease negotiations. Commercial brokers provide an invaluable service; however, there are different types of commercial brokers, so it is necessary that a business client looking to lease office space understand such differences and know how to […]

How Companies Save Money With Tenant Representation!

Leasing commercial office space is one of the most significant costs of doing business that most companies. So it only makes sense that companies should search for leasing options that provide the most of what they need for the least monetary output. Finding that can be quite a challenge since commercial real estate is a very competitive market; however, companies that work with

Why Commercial Real Estate Brokers Must Welcome New Technology!

Digital technology has gradually made its way into just about every industry that exists, providing easier and faster ways for a business to get paperwork and other important tasks done. As one of the few industries that has not kept up with business technology, commercial real estate is finally beginning to take note of such advancements and make use of them. To stay one step ahead of the competition, the best commercial […]