In today's world of technological advancements, companies are finding more efficient, high-tech ways of doing business. Those who need warehouses realize these buildings are more than just a space to store their products and supplies. These buildings are actually a place where a company's supply chains exists. This means these buildings must be much more equipped than ever before. Therefore, when looking for this type of commercial real estate, it is important to understand exactly what constitutes useful warehouse space . A warehouse commercial lease is very different than an office lease. This is why any company in need of this type of space must ensure the building has what they need before signing any commercial lease.

Open Floor Space and Ceiling Height

Depending on how a company plans to use their warehouse space, the facility must have enough open floor space to provide necessary storage, as well as room for any supply chain equipment that will be used. The space should also be easy to divide and accessible, with enough doors and an overall layout that can be sectioned as needed for storage, supply chain functions, and more.  

Along with the above, the ceiling height should be tall enough to maximize the floor size of the warehouse, and to accommodate loading equipment. Yet the ceiling should not be so high that the space is useless and only drives up occupancy costs. Therefore, it is important to know ahead of time what kind of space and height requirements are necessary for a company to make the best use of their space.

Suitable Lot Space

Lot space is also important with warehouse commercial real estate for more than just employee parking. There should also be ample space for large trucks to get in and out for loading and unloading.  Lot layouts should be such that trucks can maneuver easily to avoid problems.

Wireless Connectivity

Since today’s warehouses are commonly used as a company’s supply and shipping hub, Internet and wireless connectivity throughout the building is essential. Warehouses must be able to connect to a company’s network and share data, so having strong connectivity is an essential quality of the best warehouse space.

Efficient Lighting and Climate Control

One of the main operational costs for most warehouse space is utilities. This is because these buildings are very large, with higher ceilings than most other buildings, and have less energy efficiency overall. To keep utility costs down, warehouses should have high efficiency lighting and commercial HVAC systems to keep these expenses to a minimum.

The Right Location

Warehouses occupy a great deal of space, so finding one in an area where that space is less expensive such as on the outskirts of town, or in a more suburban area is preferable. Yet a warehouse must also be located close enough to the labor force that will keep it running properly.  It must keep them close to major shipping suppliers and routes to keep costs down there also A good location is one that will manage to successfully provide all three of these things.

It is important to remember that not just any large building space will suffice as a warehouse space, as today’s companies have much more specific needs. When seeking commercial real estate in the form of a warehouse, finding a space that is usable in all the necessary ways is essential to keep operating costs under control, and to provide a productive environment. Since these needs are very different from what is normally sought with an office lease, a business looking for a warehouse must carefully analyze their needs in order to find a suitable property for their commercial lease - one that fits all of their requirements!

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